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ICT Systems

No description

Lucy Atkinson

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of ICT Systems

IPO Diagram ICT Systems Software What are the components of an ICT System? Procedures What are the components of an ICT System? Data What are the components of an ICT System? What are the components of an ICT System? Information Communication Technology that includes an input, process and output procedure. What is an ICT System? People People are the most important part of an ICT system, without them there would be no point in having a system. People specify what is required and use the information output from a system. Data is collected from various sources, or is created using a procedure and then is coded and structured for subsequent processing by an ICT system. Procedures are used in the collection and input of data, control of the organisation, manipulation and distribution of the output information, and are specified and used by the people involved in the ICT system. Software: is all the programs that make up an ICT system and the data held within it. Software is required to interface (communicate) between the hardware and the humans that use the ICT system. An ICT system is not complete without this interaction. Different types of software:
•Systems software: the files that make up a computers operating system. Controls how the ICT system’s hardware components work together, software to protect from an outside attack. It is called ‘low-level’ software. Example: windows, Apple Mac OS X, fire walls.
•Communications software: is used to provide remote access to systems and exchange files and messages in text, audio and video formats between computers.
•Applications software: designed to help the user to perform specific tasks such as accounting software of stock control. Can include general packages for text, number, image and sound manipulation. What are the components of an ICT System? Hardware Hardware is the physical components that make up the computer system that the ICT system is based upon. It consists of processors that perform the manipulations and obey control instructions from the software, storage devices and input and output peripherals, including communication devices and communication media. What are the components of an ICT System? Information Information is the output from an ICT system. This can take many forms and formats and will be distributed to various recipients using a variety of methods. Information distributed to a human recipient from an ICT system can be visual or aural. Characteristics of an ICT user Different users of ICT systems have differing requirements which depends on a number of factors:
-physical characteristics
-environment of use
-task to be undertaken Age Age is an important characteristic when thinking about an ICT user, for example, an ICT system in a primary school will need screen designs to be very simple with visual clues as children may not be able to read very well.
A concept keyboard with pictures overlaid on a pressure-sensitive pad may be more suitable than a standard keyboard. Experience -people who would want to use shortcuts and can be frustrated if slowed down by unnecessary operations.
-users who infrequently use the ICT system will need clear instructions and choices.
-or users who rarely use any ICT systems will need very simple instructions with many visual clues.
Physical Characteristics -poor eyesight
-colour blind
-unable to use a standard keyboard
Ways of making ICT usable:
-specialist pointing devices
-large screens
-Braille typewriters
-speech recognition
-sticky keys
Environment of use Many ICT systems are used by people sitting at a desk, but not all of them; access to an ICT system might be in a public place – using an ATM to gain information about current bank balance.
Some ICT systems can also be accessed on the move, for example, mobiles, BT hotspots.
Task to be undertaken -entering large volumes of text
-interacting with graphics
-choosing from a fixed set of options
-voice recognition
-a specific peripheral device for gaming
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