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Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury, NH

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Angelina Lumm

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury, NH

Religious Beliefs
Some religious beliefs included:
You could not marry anyone out of your holy family
You had to go to confession, usually to a religious leaders and confess your sins.
They believed that God was both male and female
They believed in equality between male female.
Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury, NH
Some Laws and Rules
They must make there confessions daily.
There laws were called the millennial laws because they changed every other year.
Could not get married or have children outside of your holy family.
Marriage Guidelines
The Children were most likely to go to the school house of the community. They were separated during school by boys and girls.
Careers of the Shaker people include, carpentry, working in farms, and other religious jobs. The most common job, was to be an engineer and build and design things like furniture, everyday things to make life easier.
Who are the Canterbury Shakers?
The Canterbury Shaker Village was established in 1792, founded by Mother Ann Lee. The Canterbury Village was later formed into a museum in 1992. In the 1800's, during the active years of the village, about 300 hundred people lived and worked in over 100 buildings and 3,000 acres of land.
Family Guidelines

In Shaker Village families, you are not allowed to get married or have children with people out of their "holy families". Each family lived and slept in there own building, the brothers and sisters lived on opposite sides of the house. The men used the east entrance, stairways and rooms. The women used everything the men used but on the west side. So basicallly the house was split in half for the family.
Chances are,you would likely marry your brother or sister or someone who lived in your holy family. Gross right?!?
Medical practices
Doctors were believed to be common in Shaker villages and they used mostly remedies because at the time there weren't many modern medicines like we have today.
Government guidelines
The Canterbury Shakers were founded by Mother Ann Lee and weren't believed to have had any sort of government referring to Democracy or anything of that sort. They were mainly led by the Church and Christ himself.
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