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Mental Retardation: Case Study

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Jacqueline Rosas

on 27 November 2017

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Transcript of Mental Retardation: Case Study

By: Jacqueline Rosas
Mental Retardation: New ways of Learning
What is Mental Retardation?
Mental Retardation is an intellectual disability and it is diagnosed when someone has an IQ score below 70.
Patients with this disability are unable to complete complicated everyday tasks by themselves
Discovered before age 18
2 - 3 % of the population today are diagnosed with mental retardation
There are different types of mental retardation varying form mild to severe.
Test #1: Puzzle Building
The boy couldn't complete the puzzle on the first intent and I had to help him
After the puzzle was completed he took it apart and built it himself
He was extremely happy when he was able to complete the puzzle by himself
After a few days of building the same puzzle he was able to do it in 5 minutes or less
Test #2: Learning Vocabulary
Helped him learn new vocabulary in homework
First, I made him say the word about 3 times and then I made him write it several times
Then I showed him visually what the word is
Made him memorize the word by trying to write the word without looking
He was able to write the word after about 15 times
Test #3: Memory Game
In the beginning the boy wasn't really trying because his attention wasn't fully there
I had to apply motivation in order for him to pay attention
After about three turns he was really focused in the game and was able to memorize where the matching cards were
I asked him after to say the words in the cards to me and he was able to do it!
Teaching in New Ways
To make them learn better there should be a visual representation of what you're trying to say
I also learned that repetition is very important because the student is sure to learn
After teaching something there should be questioning in order for there to be a conclusion and so that the material stays
A humanistic approach would be the best to treat mental retardation because it focuses on the individual and their potential
Problems Encountered
Speech problems
Short attention span, and difficulty focusing
Short Temper
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