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More PSAT Words... than before

More PSAT Words... than before.

Anonymous Walrus

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of More PSAT Words... than before

More PSAT Words... than before
To resond friendly to one; to mutually take or give.
"I wanna do our project on the history of refrigerators," Said Carl.
"No, that's stupid," replied Charles.
"Gosh, reciprocate Charles, compromise or something, and sorry to put you down Carl, but that kind of was a stupid idea," Said Toby.
To be needlessly repetitive.
"You shouldn't not eat that."
"So I should?"
"No, you shouldn't not."
"Well, technically, you said 'not' twice- there's no need to be redundant, really, what you said was should."
To settle an argument.
"I hate you!"
"You're just jealous!"
"Of what? You're ugly face?"
"It looks better than yours."
"Really? Have you checked?"
"You're mom!"
"What? how does that even make sense? Well, that goes to show how smart you REALLY are."
"GUYS!!! What is wrong with you, and what are you even arguing about?! Lets all reconcile and pretend none of this had ever happened, okay?
Believable, concievable, and achievable.
"Hey, guess how I broke my leg."
"Okay, how?"
" It's a pretty credible story: So I swam away from home in the middle of the night all the way to Kentucky, and I saw a really small giraffe. A foreign dude with a Russian accent saw me holding it, and traded it for a neon picture frame. I played with the frame until it broke into a thousand golden refrigerators, and then I awoke in a Hospital with the surgeons shouting:
Intended or likely to placate or pacify.
The vile man approached her in a conciliatory manner, "I'm sorry, but I can't help but notice you need a man in your life."
"Yes," she replied, "have you seen one?"
More PSAT Words... than before
Harming a poor innocent person's reputation.
"I just got pushed into a locker by some jerk on purpose, and now everyone thinks I'm some sort of jerk myself because of him."
"What? Why would they think you're a jerk?"
"Well... I may have cussed at him...."
"I think you defamed yourself- not him, and are you sure it wasn't an accident?"
"Well when you put it that way...."
Falling off at maturity such as fruit when ripe.
I wish their were such thing as deciduous trees in Texas, but I can only dream.
Willingness to resist; opposition.
Defiance overcame the man, until he realized the spatula/broom/pistol/radio was a limited time offer.
Courteous regard or humble submission and respect.
At only his bed time, will the boy show deference to his parents:
"Go to bed."
"No buts."
"Okay then, I will do every chore you need to have done, then I will go to bed."
"Nice try, now go to bed."
"Pleeeeeaaaase!!!!!! I promise shut my mouth for a year and never annoy you!!!"
"Yeah, right."
"I LOVE YOU!!!!"
"Woah... it's never come to that... oh, okay you can stay up as long as you want"
"Really? You mean that???"
"Now that's the little boy I know."
To decline or deteriorate physically, mentally, or morally.
The popular toy degenerated as it broke into several bits and pieces- I'm sad to say I saw it coming.
More PSAT Words... than before
Free from/cleaned of germs... ew....
The bizzare germaphobe was elated to have been "degermified" by a wonderful antiseptic called: the hand sanitizer, after being sneezed on twice by some guy on the street.
Medicine or *cough cough* remedy counteracting the effects *sniffle* of a *sneeze* poison or (falls on keyboard) diseav gtfrfb nbbgyynyhnyhnb bn nbnbdtxdfvglhzyedg;aopz eruzist oki fd b gmvcbxk jfhg dojfgh;lxjhdfgjxdhfljg hljshd;flkghs;oljksghlj hx;fh rjhtlaijsh;jtrdh:SJr (falls off chair onto floor)
" Okay, this antidote will cure your severe stomach problems, rashes, and dandruff. You must take it once every 12 hours, understood? The side affects are:
Dizziness, drowsiness, itchiness, headaches, sore muscles, and slight twitches and/or spasms. Questions?"
"Actually doc... I think I'm better off without the medication...."
Somebody who bothers to collect old knick knacks or tchotchkes only to put them on a shelf to stare at, and watch it collect dust, making no use of it at all.
A man saw an elderly woman with a walker out of the corner of his eye that was trying to cross the street. Like any gentleman does, he took her arm and escorted her to the other side of the road, and then bumped into another lady on their way.
"My good man," says she, "whatever gave you the idea to help this helpless, poor, old lady cross the street?"
"Oh, that? I wasn't just helping her, I'm an antiquary."
Prev-v-venting or *twitch* st-st-stopping *flinch* spasms.
"Hey Bob."*Eye twitch*
"... Heeeeey Greg... are you... okay? I thought you told me you were... antispasmotic...."
"Nope," (spasms & slaps Bob) "The Doctor was wrong, I am sp-sp-spasmotic after all!"
(Rubbing Cheek from Greg's unusual "spasm attack") "Gee... that's just great."
"Isn't it?" (Spasms & kicks Bob to floor).
To make old or out of fashion, by replacing it with something new, or better. Take for instance: "Guuuuuurl, those jeans are so antiquated." (Although no one has my advanced vocabulary... so scratch that...)
Becky was recently informed that her flourescent shoulderpads and matching legwarmers have become antiquated over the years (thanks to Marsha..... Becky doesn't like Marsha) So now Becky's off on a rousing quest for neon high tops, swagga jeans, three "JO' MONEY" tanktops and a snowcone (Becky like snowcones)
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