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About Phil Lester

No description

chanelle dixon

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of About Phil Lester

AmazingPhil Phil Lester
About Phil Lester
Philip Michael Lester (born 30 January 1987) is an English YouTube vlogger and radio personality from Rossendale, Lancashire. He presents a Sunday night request show for BBC Radio 1 with Dan Howell. Lester reached 1 million YouTube subscribers on 6 July 2013.
Lester currently lives with his friend and fellow video blogger Dan Howell in London. He majored in English Language in The University of York
Lester has appeared on television programmes including being on The Weakest Link.He played the role of Tim in the film Faintheart. Lester was interviewed with other internet entertainers on Channel 4 News in October 2012 about the increased popularity of YouTube and video blogging as a profession
The BBC announced that starting in January 2013, Lester will co-present the Sunday night request show for BBC Radio 1. Howell and Lester had occasionally worked with the station before, making videos for the station's YouTube channel and two Christmas broadcasts. The show is an interactive, audio-visual segment involving music videos made by viewers, challenges performed on air by Howell and Lester, which are voted on in an online poll on Facebook, and song requests from listeners. The entire show is streamed in video, live on the BBC Radio 1 website. In 2013, Howell and Lester were voted UK’s favourite Radio Presenters and winners of the Sony Golden Headphones Award, presented by the Sony Radio Academy Awards, for The Request Show with Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1.
At age 19, Lester posted his first YouTube vlog. Since then he has posted over 150 videos on his channel and now has more than 1 million subscribers with over 69 million video views. He is part of the Fantastic Foursome, a group of British YouTubers consisting of himself, Chris Kendall (crabstickz), Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and PJ Liguori (KickthePj).
Lester's videos regularly feature a cuddle lion toy called Lion, usually in the background, which speaks to the audience through annotations. Lester's fanbase refer to themselves as Philions.
youtube part2
Lester and Howell have created a collaborative YouTube channel, through My Damn Channel, called The Super Amazing Project where they investigate paranormal events. Segments include "In the News This Week" and "Viewers Spooky Happenings" where viewers send in "scary" items for the vloggers to react to. The segment also has a mascot "Spooky" the light-up ghost, featured in several episodes. Most episodes include "Twitter Question" in which Lester and Howell's Twitter followers answer a weekly question, hoping to appear in the show. As of July 2013, The Super Amazing Project has over 390,000 subscribers. In December 2012, the YouTube show finished its third season of 12 episodes. It is currently on hiatus, with some elements imcorperated into their BBC radio show
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