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No description

María José Buendía

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Queen

Who are Queen?
Queen will be the biggest music band in history
If you don't know about Queen, you don't know about music
Be ready to meet them...
The guitar
Let's introduce him
The bassist
And now...
Let's talk about him...
Going on...
The Drummer
He was born July 19, 1947, in Hampton, England.
May built his own homemade guitar.
His passion for music soon trumped his interest in astrophysics.
May formed a rock band called Smile, that later would be renamed as Queen,
a name that is going to become legendary in the world of rock 'n' roll.
May is the lead guitarist, vocalist and also a songwriter.

He was born on August 19, 1951, in Leicester, England.
He developed a passion for electronics and music, influenced by the Beatles.
He started playing guitar with the band the Opposition when he was only 14.
Months later, Deacon was invited to audition for the position of bassist and he get the place.
He is a multifaceted artist.
Almost at the end...
Born on July 26, 1949, in King's Lynn, England.
Taylor developed a passion for multi-instrumentalism. He is also a singer and a promising songwriter.
Taylor moved to London and studied dentistry and biology for a time.
He began performing with the rock group Smile, which would become in Queen.
The last member...
The Singer
The greatest voice...
Freddie Mercury was born on September 5, 1946, in Stone Town, Zanzíbar.
He was born as Farrokh Bulsara and is of Persian and Indian origin.
He started to be better known as "Freddie" in St. Peter's School. He formed a four-member band called ¨The Hectics¨.
Freddie was a member of Ibex and Sour Milk Sea.
May and Taylor contacted Freddie and formed Queen.
Freddie designed the Queen logo.
The name of "Mercury" is for the song "My Fairy King", where he talks about her mother,
He is best known for his powerful voice and compositions.

His story
Queen is an English rock band of four members.

The band was formed in London in 1970.

There was much deliberation as to what the band's name would be.

Queen went through several bass players before John Deacon arrived on the scene in January of 1971.

Queen's self-titled debut album was released in 1973 and received little attention from the general public.

As was in their nature, the band went on after the mediocre success of their first two albums.

Queen played in America for the first time.

The band began developing a huge following in Japan in 1975.

Queen's popularity grew steadily through the latter half of the 70s.
And now we want to introduce them to you


This is the first album with a hard rock style and full of songs which will be remembered for decades.

Great king rat
This is a song written by Freddie which shows their first musical style progressive rock which is similar to some great musicians like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix, but Queen can do something new and different from the other bands.

This is their last album which is going at the top of the charts in Great Britain and it’s starting to be listened all over the world.
It is a transition from hard rock to melodic songs with amazing lyrics.

Now I’m here
This is a song by Brian May from their last album. Here you can see a change between this album and the other two, it is more commercial than the others but with their own rock style.

Well, this is the fourth Queen´s album which probably will be the most famous. Was recorded in England. "A night at the opera" is an exceptionally rich and diverse ensemble. Each theme is powerful and from the beginning to the end is wonderfully recorded. You don't believe me? Let´s see!

«Bohemian Rhapsody»
The fascinating, revolutionary and epic masterpiece.
There is a little film with the song. The song lasts 6 minutes. Music scholar Sheila suggests that "the title draws strongly on contemporary rock ideology, the individualism of the bohemian artists world, with rhapsody affirming the romantic ideals of art rock"

«You're My Best Friend»
The song starts with John's electric piano. Inspired by Veronica, John's wife. Best Friend shows a softer side of the group, whose singles to date have been more rockers.
When we talk about style, we talk about freddie mercury.
He is the greatest showman in the history of rock music, and his stage presence, flash, and fire will never be duplicated.

Body Suits
He performs in tight bodysuits. He wears different kinds of fabrics and patterns.
Military Jackets
Freddie Mercury is the precursor to all artists who wore tailored jackets. He introduced this style of jackets in order to give a fresh and fun image to his show.

Freddie Mercury performs in even more extravagant gestures and poses while wearing leather. He is a great example on why wearing this type of fabric makes you badass
Casual Basics
The singer also believes that “less is more” when he is dressed in simple tank tops, track pants, and sneakers.

Silhouette Plays
Freddie Mercury can also wear looser articles of clothing. Whether it is exaggerated garment details or pattern cuts.
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