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instructional methods

No description

jojo ABDUL

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of instructional methods

Prezi: A new twist on the old PowerPoint

Team Awesome

What is Prezi?
Prezi is a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations from monologues into conversations: enabling people to see, understand, and remember ideas.
You have all seen the fun, and interactive things that Tiffany and Cliff can do, so here is the route to do some of them...Len will teach us how to do some basics later
Let's make a PREZI

Add Pictures
add videos without logging out of your browswer.
facts: currently there are 20 million prezi users
Write on Boards, pictures, Videos and posters to make your presentation more like a class room and more real.
To add pictures do the same thing
Insert/Image/Load a file
Tip: you can add background music, that way, your Prezi can work by itself, even without you
Prezi in Action
"If you don't know Prezi, it's time you did" Forbes, 2012

"If you really want to dazzle your audience look no further than Prezi" The Guardian, 2012

"Prezi is having the biggest impact on business presentations tools since Microsoft PowerPoint" PC World
Prezi in the News
CEO and co-founder of Prezi
Peter Arvai
Why Prezi?
Have you ever heard or seen any of these?
Here's Jojo!

The Team
Peter Halacsy
CTO and cofounder of Prezi
Adam Somali-Fischer
Principal Artist and Cofounder of Prezi
What's the Catch?
What can I do with my account?
$13.25 per month ($159 annually)
Prezi Desktop
Private Presentations
Use your own logo
Premium support
2 GB of storage
$4.92 per month ($59 annually)
Private Presentations
Use your own logo
Premium support
500 MB of storage
$0.00 per month
All your presentations are public
Edit and share your prezis
100 MB of storage
Mr. Culatta talked about "Re-imagining learning"
to learn new stuff!

Here a a few last examples...
I hate lectures?
This briefing is boring?
Death by Powerpoint?
Remember This?
Why? So you can show something different and have fun!!!!
Re-imagine your
Mr. Culatta talked about "Re-imagining learning"
There are over 100 people behind the
machine that is Prezi. Here are a few
What are the Possibilities?
And of course us Team Awesome
its simple here are some tips
To do this,
click insert/ image and find your prefered board
Tip: you can write on any part of your prezi (even the sky)
We are on our way to becoming professional Prezi presenter. Now lets try to upload some power point
Jojo Fashion and Art Design

Jojo Abdulrazaq

Fashion week
Runway models
Individuals (weddings, engagements, and parties)

Target Market

Executive Summary
Product & Mission Statement
Target Market
Company Locations
Challenges Forward


Now how about some Power Point

Air Force fencing Girls We are cool Right
Build Prezi Account
- Go to www.prezi.com
- Select "Free" Account
- Input E-mail address
- Password
Build Your Template
- From Main Screen
- Click New Prezi
- Select Template
- Select Theme
Insert a Powerpoint Presentation
Insert a Video
- Find "YouTube" Video
- Copy URL
- Click Insert
- Select "YouTube Video"
- Paste URL
Insert an Image
- Click Insert
- Select "Image"
- Select "Files" or "Google Search"
- Open Files
- Photo will paste
Practice Time!!!
- Build new template
- Add a Powerpoint
- Add a Video
- Add an Image
- Freelance within Prezi
What concerns do you have about using this tool?

Make a Prezi: Build Template

Go to www.prezi.com and build your personal account

Prezi Account

Leonard Vargas
Webster University
11 Nov 2013

Presi Basics

This is how you know that your
HR Department work really Hard
Facts: You Can Put Your pictures together without worrying about spac
We help people share ideas
We encourage beauty
We prefer simple things
We get it done
We admire monkeys, Joan of Arc and Jean Luc Picard
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