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drio donna

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Prezi

cloud-based presentation software
employs a Zooming User Interface (ZUI)
established in 2009 by Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy and Peter Arvai

Prezi History
created to replace the ordinary slide based presentations
Prezi is the Hungarian short form of "presentation"
That's it!
Now, your turn :)

Go to www.prezi.com
Get to know the Transformation Tool
Once you add anything to your canvas, click on it once to bring up the
Transformation Tool
. Now you can move, size, and rotate your content any way you like.
If you add a frame to your prezi, you can click on it once to bring up the Transformation Tool and move, scale, or rotate everything inside.
Get to know Prezi
Start from a template
You can choose from a number of reusable templates or a blank canvas.
When you decide to use a template, you can edit everything you see on the canvas just as if you were creating your own prezi.
Customize colors and fonts: Theme Wizard
Use the Theme Wizard to customize the colors of your prezi and to set your font choices from Prezi's font library.
Frame your content
Frames work like slides and can be used to group your ideas.

Use frames to create a placeholder in your prezi and then add content to them.


Frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can change the color.


The other great thing about frames is that once you place one on your prezi canvas, you can move, size, and rotate it, and all the content within your frame will move, size, and rotate too.
Choose 'Frames & Arrows' from the top menu.
Then choose whether you want a circle, rectangle, bracket, or invisible frame.
Use frames to add animation and take your audience through your prezi.
Insert diagrams
Prezi has layout drawings, diagrams, and charts that can help you better communicate your ideas to your audience.
Add objects
Add symbols and shapes
Click 'Insert' and then select the ‘Symbols and shapes’ icon at the top of the screen to add shapes, lines, arrows, and more to your prezi.

ganito! :) <3
Insert Videos, Images and Sounds
With the Left Sidebar, you can create a journey from one idea to the next.

You can also use the sidebar to rearrange and delete path points or to zoom to a specific path point.
Presenting your Prezi
Click Present button to present your very own prezi :)
Click Sign up now. Create your account. (Make sure you have checked the "I agree to the terms of use" button).
Once you have registered, you will be directed to the Home page. Click the button "New prezi" on the upper left part of the page.
This will automatically open a new tab, in which your new prezi presentation will be edited.
Choose your template and start creating your Prezi. :) Have fun!
See next slide for details
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