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Balance of nature Part 2 Pg 5-8


Lorenzo Coppola

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Balance of nature Part 2 Pg 5-8

Omnivores Detrivores/Scavengers Decomposers Survive well in many environments. Feed on large bits of dead and decaying organic matter (carrion).
Breakdown and reduce organic material into smaller pieces.
These smaller pieces are eaten by decomposers Which break down dead materials into
chemical nutrients (carbon and nitrogen) & are released into the soil, air and water. Which helps plants grow! Found everywhere and thrive in any environment Harmful:
cause diseases like cholera Helpful:
in your digestive tract.
Fungi release enzymes that decompose
dead plants and animals.
NOT PLANTS they don't have chlorophyll
so they don't photosynthesize. Examples Crab Vulture Seagull Fly Hyena Eat plants and animals Examples Baboon Skunk Crow Woodpecker Bear Examples Bacteria Fungi Earthworm Mushroom Mould Mildew Fungi absorb the nutrients from the plants & animals. This bacteria is able to survive in radioactive environments and turn the uranium waste from a soluble form (that can contaminate water supplies) to a solid form.

Other species of Geobacter bacteria can eliminate petroleum contamination in polluted water and convert waste organic matter to electricity.
Magnification: x3,600
Omnivores Omnivores Detrivores/Scavengers Detrivores/Scavengers Decomposers Decomposers Decomposers Omnivores Penicillin and other antibiotics are made from fungi. Yeast
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