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Life Science around my house


Sophia Johnson

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Life Science around my house

Life Science around my house
This pothos plant is a part of life science because it is an living organisms, this organism need water,sunlight and a enviroment. This plant is not only an organism but it also fights pollution.
This fountain is a science object because it has bacteria. Algae is found in this fountain and turns green. Algae are living organisms, because it is a single celled organism.
Rose of Sharon
Palm trees
Explore the life and earth!
This rock is a part of earth science. This rock is rusting because rain and oxygen which forms oxidation on the rock.
This is a living organism. Pomegrante trees need water and sunlight to survive.Pomergrates have plenty of anti-xidants for human beings.
Pomergrate can grow up to fifteen feet in high, and live up to a hundred years.
These pebbles are a part of earth science they are naturally formed by weathering and erosion. pebbles are a part of the ecosystem. They cut down on the cost of watering.
This Rose of Sharon are a part of life science,Rose of Sharon grow the best in moist soil. They grow up to 10ft tall and 6ft wide. They are also used for food like dried tea.
Palm trees are a part of life science. Palm trees feed on soil and its nutrients. Which helps them grow. Palm trees oil is also used in some foods that we use such as cereal, and some hair products.
This is a living organism. It can survive in the desert without water for up to six months it can grow up to 26ft tall Its called the Stenocereus Thurberi cactus (organ pipe cactus).
This is a living organism. because grass perform the eight vital functions. There are 10,000 different types of grass.Grass is used to make rice and wheat. Grass is also used to purify water.
This Oleander is a living organism. This organism can live for 35 years. This plant is so beautiful, but are very toxic.They don't require much to survive. They need watering and sunlight to make their own nutrients.
These pictures are from around my home. They all share some characteristics. The primary characteristic is that they all relate to science. They all are made naturally whether they are made from weathering and erosion or from cells.
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