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Co creation 2

No description

Amal Nazzal

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Co creation 2

What is Value ?

Emerging Service-Centered Dominant Logic Traditional Goods-Centered Dominant Logic Value is determined by the . Its embedded in the operand resource (goods) and is defined in terms of“ .” Value is perceived and determined by the on the basis of
“ ” Value results from the beneficial application of operant resources sometimes transmitted through operand resources. Firms can only make value propositions. Agenda What Is Value ?
Company- Centric Value Creation
The Shift
Co- Creation Experience
Co- Creation Process
The Market as a Forum
Recommendations Company- Centric Value Creation The Traditional Concept of a Market Value was created inside the firm and consumers were treated as outsiders
The Market was separated from the value creation process
Consumers are only target for the firm's offerings Why the Shift ? Globalization- Deregulation- Outsourcing- Convergence in Industries and Technologies.

Commoditization and Hardness to Differentiate
Walmartization and Price Erosion

Connected- Informed- Empowered- Active
More Individualized Negotiations So the Shift Towards Co- Creation Happened ..... Co- Creation Experience Unique personalized experience
Involvement and engagement, e.g. losing weight
Brand Communities The Emerging Concept of the Market Co-Creation Process Direct interaction
Co-Shape expectations and experiences
Collaboration in co-creating value
Market has become a What do mean by Forum? FORUM Market Is a Forum Contextual Demand Multiple points of value creation Communities and Dialogue Win- Win solution for both parties Brands experience co-creation Invest in Infrastructure and governance capabilities In Conclusion

Value creation must be build on DART.
Firms and customers have a voice in co-creation.
Educated customers can make better tradeoffs.
Co-creation is a two -way street (Risk/ Tobacoo). Vargo and Lusch (2004) Consumer Value in Use Producer Exchange-Value On the Macro- level: On the Micro- Level: On the Consumer Level: Experience Co-Creation
of Value Dialogue Access Risk-Benefits Transparency Recommendations Co-creation is a double-edged sword, and the article failed to discuss the negative edge.
It lacks bringing more practical industrial examples.
Customers' perspective in co-creation. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING ANY QUESTIONS ? Co- Creation Experiences:
The Next Practice in Value Creation By C.K. Prahalad and Venkat Ramaswamy Wednesday, 23th January 2013 Marketing Theory BEMM 122 Company- Centric Value Creation Co- Creation Experience Apple II – 1977 NOW A Powerful Example of Co- Creation Sunsilk in 1982 !
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