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Whigs & Tories

No description

R Schr

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Whigs & Tories

Whigs & Tories
Eric Peacock
Ryan Schroeder
Moses Springer
Who were the Whigs?
Party lasted 1678-1868
Favored strong Parliament
Supported Protestants, opposed Catholics
Found major support in urban communities
First Led by: Charles James Fox
Who were the Tories?
Party lasted 1678-1834
Supported the king over Parlament.
Many nobles and people of the rural community of England were supporters.
Believed in "God, King, and Country"
First Led by: William Pitt
Early 1700's tensions between parties were high.
Screw Prezi!
Whigs were accused of attempting to assassinate Queen Anne (Screw Plot) - 1708
Whigs attempted to assassinate Robert Harley the British Lord Treasurer (Bandbox Plot) - 1712
Whigs sent a box with pistols tied to the lid so that when opened, the pistols would fire into Robert Harley's face.
Eric Peacock
Moses Springer
Ryan Schroeder

Transitioned to conservative party
Subduing popular discontent (1815)
Base transformation by Peel
"Manifesto" (1834)
Administrations labeled "conservative"
Transitioned to the Liberal party in 1852
Combination of:
Free trade Tories
Free trade Radicals
Created tentatively in 1852 under Aberdeen
Permanent under Palmerston
Whigs gradually lost influence
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