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Ilse, Femke, Lieke en Kim

Kim ten Zijthof

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Food

Global Issue: Food Topics Countries with
less food/famine Countries with
much food - Countries and facts
- Causes of hunger
- Diseases caused by hunger
- Video
- World Food Programme - Countries and facts
- Causes of much food
- Diseases caused by much
- Waste of food Countries with less food Countries with much food Causes of less food/hunger Diseases caused by hunger World Food Programme Natural Disasters Bad Agriculture Poverty War and Conflict Presentation made by: Lieke, Kim, Femke and Ilse THE END Climate Change Objectives:
1. Save lives, protect livelihoods
2. Prepare for emergencies
3. Restore and rebuild lifes
4. Reduce chronic hunger and under-nutrition.
5. Strengthen the capacity of countries to reduce hunger. Causes of much food Diseases Diseases Eating disorders Food Waste Problems with eyes Pellagra Kwashiorkor Beriberi Growing problems Marasmus Economic situation Political situation Favorable climate Video Pale Conjunctiva Bitot's spot Obesity One third is wasted Consumerist behaviour Lack of coordination Quality standards
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