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Lord Of The Flies- The Island

No description

Sarah Renouf

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Lord Of The Flies- The Island

The Meeting Spot It is a symbol of peace and security. The beach allows the boys to escape their worries and play amongst themselves in a feeling of safety, There are different parts of the beach that contribute to this symbolism. The Beach Coral: A barrier and a symbol of safety. It keeps all of the boys on the island but gives them discoveries.
"Since no boy could reach even the reef over the stretch of water... they grew a custom to these mysteries and ignored them" (pg 60) Beach.. cont'd The Mountain The mountain represents their sense of freedom and their hope for being rescued.

“Ralph turned to the others. ‘This belongs to us’” (pg. 26) – Shows the sense of freedom they have on this island.

“Ralph was badly scratched. The creepers were as thick as their thighs and left little but tunnels for further penetration.” (pg 24) – shows the eeriness of the creepers and how they paint the mountain in a scary fashion/ dark side of the island.

“‘If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must make smoke on top of the mountain. We must make a fire’" (pg 37) - it shows their desire and want to be rescued and saved, they also seem doubtful that a rescue will happen soon. The Scar I think the scar is what reminds them that the crash happened and this is all real. It symbolizes an end to what they knew, but the beginning to their new lives here on the island. "Everybody must stay round here and wait and not go away"
This quote refers to having a spot to always return to where they feel safe and comfort knowing they'll never be alone. (pg 20) The Island Lord Of The Flies Quotes:
The plane left a lot of damage, shown by Piggy saying "[And] this is what the tube done". (pg 3) "By the time Ralph finished blowing the conch, the platform was crowded".
This quote represents how the platform shows the power of the meeting area and symbolizes it's strength and importance to the group. (pg 30) "We're on an island. We've been on the mountain top and seen water all around. We saw no houses, no smoke, no footprints, no boats, no people. We're on an uninhabited island with no other people on it."
This quote represents the importance of the meeting area and always sticking and working together. (pg 30) Hut: It is a place of safety for everyone to stay drive and have a place to sleep. ( security/safety symbol)
"If it rains like when we dropped in we'll need shelter alright" (pg 52) Beach: a symbol of peace and relaxation. It was a place for everyone to relax after working their jobs all day.
"And the three children, kneeling in the sand, were at peace" (pg62) "The storm dragged it out to sea. It wasn't half dangerous with all them tree trunks falling. There must have been some kids still in it" (pg 3) THE END By Sarah, Breanne, Airyn & Courtney
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