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ePortfolio Reflection Presentation

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on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of ePortfolio Reflection Presentation

This is my Portfolio where I have included all my reflections during the course.
my digital story telling portfolio.
module 3
In this module I liked learning about video editors to use with my students.

module 4
I also loved module 4. I do collaborative activities with my students.
I really liked our collaborative story, but it was difficult to coordinate my collaborative story.

module 5
I have enjoyed doing my Mobile Learning Lesson Plan about road safety in module 5. I came out with ideas about a topic that I think is very important and it is sometimes underestimated on high schools.
module 1
Key idea:

This module was hard for me but I think a RUPF is essential if we are going to work with ICT in schools.

I enjoyed in this module learning and visiting these resources Brain Pop Jr. Internet Safety, Common Sense with Phineas and Ferb, Generation Safe.

And the online safety games: Webonauts Academy,
Netsmartz Kids and Safety Land.
ePortfolio Reflection Presentation
Module 2
This is the module I enjoyed most. I really liked learning how to create an avatar and how to create comics. These activities are going to be very useful with my students.


I really enjoyed this course, it has been hard work but I would do it again as I think ICT is very important and useful for teachers. And it helped me to discover amazing tools.
final reflection
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