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No description

Katy Hardee

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Belgium

Their flag colors are black, yellow, and red.
Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe.
Awesome Fun Facts
Belgium is divided into 3 sections by language. Flemings speak Dutch, Walloons speak Frech, and Liège speak German.
Culture/ Customs
Government- Federal Parliamentary Democracy Under A Constitutional Monarchy
Interesting Facts
By: Alaina McCall
Capitol- Brussels
Population- 11.2 million people
Currency- Euros
Official Languages- Dutch, French, and German
Official Name- Kingdom of Belgium.
They love "Tintin", "The Smurfs", and comic strips.
If you're 18 or older you
They invented French Fries.
Black means The Shield Of Determination.
Yellow means Generosity and the lion.
Red means the lion's claws and tongue, happiness, bravery, and strength.
Belgium is bordered by France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, and the North Sea.
Covered in Deciduous Forests.
Belgium is about sea level.
They had The Bubonic Plague.
Belgium was part of the renaissance.
Mrs. Hardee's Belgium Info
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