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Gnomeo vs. Romeo

No description

Addie Kaster

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Gnomeo vs. Romeo

"The Blues" Capulet
"The Reds" Gnomeo vs. Romeo By: Addie Kaster Characters Blue Garden Red Garden Lord Redbrick Most Like: Lord Capulet Similarities:
Juliet's Dad
Leader of the Reds
A bit protective
More worried about Juliet getting hurt more than her getting married. Lady Bluebury Most Like: Lady Montague Similarities:
Gnomeo's mother
Rules the Blues
Plays a much larger roll Benny Most Like: Benvolio Similarities:
Good friends with Gnomeo
Isn't into keeping the peace
Much more into getting revenge Nanette Most Like: The Nurse Similarities:
Juliet's closest friend and helper
Is more than willing to help with Juliet's forbidden love
Has a thing for Paris
Quite the talker
Didn't raise Juliet
Closer to Juliet's age than the Nurse Paris Most Like: Paris Similarities:
Redbrick (Capulet) wants Juliet to get to know Paris
Likes Juliet
Not attractive
Juliet not interested at all Tybolt Most Like: Tybolt Similarities:
Can't stand Blues
Likes to stir up trouble
Aggressive Gnomeo Most Like: Romeo Most Like: Juliet Juliet Similarities:
Falls in love quickly
Can't be away from Juliet
Is willing to forget the feud so he can be with Juliet
Never was in love with a "Rosaline"
A lot less dramamtic
Is more like a leader of the Blues. Similarities:
Also falls in love quickly and can't stay away from Gnomeo
Not so against marriage
Wants to prove herself useful
Everyone sees her as delicate Characters Not Seen: Mercutio
Lady Capulet- Dead.
Lord Montague- Dead.
Friar Laurence
Balthasar Important Scenes Party Scene Meet in Disguise, Not Knowing They're from Feuding Families They find out a little differently....Surprise!
Mortal Enemies! Main Differences:
There's no party!
No nurse to move info along Main Similarities:
It's love at first sight <3 Balcony Scene Main Similarities:
Gnomeo shouldn't have been in the Red Garden
Juliet is upset about Gnomeo being a blue
Neither gnome wants to leave.
They set a date to meet again Main Differences:
Gnomeo does almost get caught.
They don't swear upon their love. "Oh. Parting is such sweet sorrow." Fight Scene Similarities:
Tybolt hurts Gnomeo's friend
Romeo wants to "even things out"
"Tybolt! A hat for a hat!"
Gnomeo gets run out of the gardens
Tybolt is killed. Differences:
Tybolt attacks Benny
Benny isn't killed
The fight isn't playful.
Tybolt is killed by accident. Old Laurence Place No Friar Laurence
Spend a lot of time in secret
Where Gnomeo and Juliet met. Gnomeo is "killed"
Ends up on the head of Shakespeare
Juliet is glued to the pedestal
Benny orders a killer lawn mower.
Romeo rushes home.
Everything falls to pieces. "A weed by any other name is still a weed." What Happens Next? "Told You So." The Biggest Difference..... Everyone Lives! Happily Ever After!
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