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Inquiry Based Middle School Math Lesson Plan

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jessica lewis

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Inquiry Based Middle School Math Lesson Plan

Multiplying Binomials
8th or 9th
Jessica Lewis, jlewis@westiberty.edu Source:
Multiplying Polynomials (http://www.lessonplanspage.com/printables/PMathMultiplyingPolynomialsFOILMethod89)
Essential Question
How do you multiply binomials using the FOIL method? Tagged Content Standards and Objectives:

M.O.A1.2.10 simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions
add and subtract polynomials
multiply and divide binomials by binomials or monomials.

M.O.A1.2.12 use area models and graphical representations to develop and explain appropriate methods of factoring. 21st Century Skills:
21C.O.5-8.1.TT.1 Student connects peripheral devices (e.g., scanners, digital cameras, video projectors, USB drives, printers, media storage devices) to computers and uses them efficiently and effectively. Student accesses server and/or network resources (e.g., file folders/software programs, bookmarked sites).
Integrated Subjects:
Students will be able to use critical thinking skills
Students will have a basic knowledge of using bookmarked sites like youtube
Students will know how to use an excell program


White board
Homework handouts
Answer key
Aluminum foil

Resources This video gives a demonstration of how to multiply binomials using the FOIL method it also explains what the FOIL method is.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRkfAgQZAhY&feature=related Instructional Strategies (1) Engagement – Launch/Introduction Welcome the student’s to class and introduce the topic the instructor will be covering by holding up a piece of aluminum foil and explaining how foil can help them to multiply binomials. This is just a silly way of grabbing there attention with an unconventional object. (3) Summarization/Reinforcement
If the students feel comfortable have a few of them go to the board and work some examples while the rest of the students work them at their desks. Be assessing each student as they are working and correct any mistakes that the student encounters. (2) Investigation/Exploration /Explanation
Explain any vocabulary words (i.e.,polynomial, binomal, coefficient,)that are new to the students. Let the students watch the youtube video, FOIL-Multiplying Binomial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRkfAgQZAhY&feature=related), to help them understand what binomials are and how to multiply them together. Then, write examples of binomials on the white board and walk the student’s through a few examples (i.e.,(x+6)(x+3)). Next, write some new examples on the board and have the students tell you each step in the FOIL process
Evaluation/Formative Assessment Task:
Assign/grade homework handout
Ask student’s to tell you the next step in the process.


Use this lesson to lead into dividing binomials and factoring. Files Uploaded (Optional)
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Binomials Lesson Plan File
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