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A Spoonful of Sugar: The Art of Wayne Thiebaud

An introduction to the art of Thiebaud (grades 9-12, Painting II)

Emily Howard

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of A Spoonful of Sugar: The Art of Wayne Thiebaud

A Spoonful of Sugar The Art of Wayne Thiebaud He is often associated with Pop Art (a movement in art during the 50s and 60s that featured imagery from popular culture & mass media). People consider him a Pop artist because of his subject matter, but his work slightly predates the Pop movement. Qualities of Thiebaud's Work Thiebaud's Philosophies on Art Thiebaud repeatedly tackles the same subjects, not to perfect a formula, but to continually explore the formal possibilities of painting. “What kinds of varying light can you have in one painting?” he asks. “Direct glaring light, then fugitive light, then green glow. It’s a very difficult challenge.”
When asked, "What do you think defines an artist?" Thiebaud replied "An artist creates his own world."
heavy application (paint applied thickly to the canvas)
exaggerated colors
well-defined shadows
sparse backgrounds
subject matter focuses on the commonplace
Born in the 1920s, Thiebaud is an American painter best known for his still life paintings of cakes, pastries, and lipstick. Much of his art is influenced by his experience working at a diner as a young man in Long Beach, CA. So in a way, you could say that his paintings are nostalgic, reaching back to fond memories. Your Project You are to create a still life painting inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. Using strongly lit treats (yum!), you will incorporate the qualities found in Thiebaud's paintings in your own painting.
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