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Year 12 IAG - Intro to UCAS

2017 Apply

Clare Schulze

on 18 May 2018

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Transcript of Year 12 IAG - Intro to UCAS

Post 18 IAG
UCAS Folder - where to store it?
UCAS Handbook
UCAS 2018
ixth form
Open Days
Personal Statements
Going to have a draft completed by tomorrow 2:30pm
* UCAS Day
* Start Application & personal statement
* School website information
* Weekly sessions with VMG tutors
* Publish non negotiable deadlines
* Parents UCAS Information Evening (6-7pm)
(28th June)
* References completed by VMG & Guidance tutors
* Personal statement lunchtime support
* Personal statements to be finished
before Oct H/T
* Extra mentoring sessions for 15th Oct
deadline candidates
* Oxbridge etc Academy deadline = 3rd OCT
* All other applications Academy deadline = 15th DEC
* Final UCAS deadline = 15th Jan
* UCAS Track
* Student finance sessions
during guidance
* Support and guidance about accepting
offers via tutor time & enrichment
What to Study?
What to expect
Experienced Sixth Form tutor team
Information, Guidance & Advice
Long Process
Wont get it right first time!
Not just applicable to Uni applications
Make sure you complete an Academy open Day Form
Why you should consider University
How the school supports you
How we will support non-uni students
What is higher education
Decisions, decisions.........
Where to Study?
You aren't going to decide about all of this today!!
By the end of tomorrow we expect you to have a draft personal statement on Unifrog (If you do you will be rewarded!)
UCAS Calendar
May - July
September - December
January - July
Apply 2018
Is Open now!
UCAS Apply 2018 session
Guidance & VMG time
How do you choose a course?
More information?
* UCAS parents Evening
* Finance talk in Guidance
* UCAS website
* Studentfinance.direct.gov.uk
You have a lot to do!
Post 18 Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) days 2017
Schedule for the two days
Monday 26th
Introduction to UCAS & Post 18 options
No idea what you want to do help!
Apply 2018
Guest speaker
Using the UCAS website to its full potential
Using your library to research
SACU + Unifrog intentions
Tuesday 27th
Introduction to the personal statement & CV's
Exemplar personal statements & CV's
What makes a good Personal statement
1st Draft on unifrog = reward
Top three tips
1. Have your personal statement complete by Sept
2. Send your application off by November (AT THE LATEST)
3. Have a different mind set with about your choices
Introducing SACU
Tuesday session - Main Hall
Will be looking at this during Monday PM session
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