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Grade 1 - Lesson 11: The Largest, Longest, Tallest...

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kelly gibson

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Grade 1 - Lesson 11: The Largest, Longest, Tallest...

Lesson 11 The largest, longest, tallest... CONVERSATION: a b a b a b Which river is longer, the Nile or the Mississippi? The Nile is longer than the Mississippi. What is the highest mountain in the world? Mount Everest is the highest mountain. Who is the tallest student in your class? I think Minsu is the tallest student. Today we are studying: COMPARATIVE and SUPERLATIVE + er + est first is COMPARATIVE COMPARE when we look at 2 things and talk about how they are the same and different COMPARE when we COMPARE we will add -ER to the end of a word. for example: harder, better, faster, stronger our first question is: A: Which animal is cuter, the hamster or the kittens? B: The hamster is cuter than the kittens. A: Which food is sweeter, the cake or the lemons? B: The cake is sweeter than the lemons. A: Which phone is better, the iPhone or the Razor? B: The iPhone is better than the Razor. RULES: we add -er when talking about 2 things if the word ends in a Y ~ change the to y i funny ~ funnier happy ~ happier when comparing we say _____-er than smarter than
prettier than
better than some words are different: GOOD - BETTER BAD - WORSE listening: textbook ~
page 154 second is SUPERLATIVE SUPER super is the best when we look at more than 2 things we're going to add -EST to the end of a word greatest tallest prettiest smartest A: What is the biggest country in the world? B: I think it's ... RUSSIA word rules... GOOD - BETTER - BEST BAD - WORSE - WORST A: Who is the best teacher in school? B: I think it's ... **KELLY!** A: What is the best subject to study in school? B: I think it's ... ENGLISH!!! SPEAKING: TEXTbook
page 155 Answers: What is the tallest building in Korea? The Northeast Asia Trade Center What is the largest city in Korea? SEOUL What is the longest river in Korea? Nakdong River exercise D Incheon - 2011
305 meters
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