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The Fire Eternal

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The Fire Eternal

Fire Star
By Maddie Molnar

Main Characters
The main characters in this story include:
Zanna (David's girlfriend)
David ( the main character)
Liz ( David's landlady and Lucy's mom)
Lucy (Liz's daughter)
There are many settings in this book these include:
The Arctic
Liz's house
A Cave (a cave in the Arctic)
College ( David's College)
Dragon's Den (where the clay dragons are made)
Dr. Bergstrom ( David's College teacher)
This book is about clay dragons. These dragons are very mysterious, they aren't like anything else. A man named David Rain(who is the main character) is at the Arctic right now away from his special dragon.(Gadzooks) He finds out lots of things to do with the Arctic such as polar bears and other mysterious things. Read to find out more about this book.
Final Thoughts
This book was magnificent! I loved all of the action that took place and now I am on to the next book in the series. It is called "The Fire Eternal" If you like books about dragons this is the book for you.
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