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Lesson Plan

No description

Natasha Wright

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan
Outcome: CP5.7
Create visual art works that express ideas about, and draw inspiration from, pop culture.
Outcome: CP5.8
Create art works using a variety of visual art concepts (e.g., positive space), forms (e.g., graphic design, photography), and media (e.g., mixed media, paint).
a. Pose questions about pop culture and investigate the questions individually or collectively through visual art (e.g., What and who are some Canadian pop culture icons and symbols?).
d. Use research, including guided Internet searches, as part of the inquiry process.
j. Use self-reflection and describe why it is important to visual art processes.
a. Use the elements of line, colour, texture, shape, form, and space in ways that reflect a pop art style.

Prerequisite Learning:
1. Knowledge of how to use technology and specific systems.
2. Knowledge of how to download applications.
3. Familiarity with research.
4. Knowledge of a variety of visual art concepts.
5. Ability to work independently.

Adaptive Dimension:
1. Providing school devices if a student does not have their own.
2. Paring students up if they need assistance with the task or there is not enough devices.
3. Demonstrating and explaining directions again after the “prezi” presentation if students are unclear.

Preparation (equipment/materials/set-up)
1. Students will need their own device (recommend BYOD).
2. ipads or other devices for students who do not have their own.
3. Prezi presentation loaded and ready to go.
4. Websites and application information for students to use:
• http://www.theartstory.org/movement-pop-art.htm (approved research site)
• https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/home?view=grid (Google Art Project)
• Loupe Collage (Google Drive app)

Development ( 30 min)

Pair-and- Share:

Name: Natasha Wright
Date: Friday May 30th
Subject: Arts Education
Grade: 5
Art Project Lesson Plan
Content: (Topic)
To demonstrate ability to use BYOD to accomplish the goals of drawing inspiration from pop culture artists and creating visual artwork that expresses ideas about pop culture and understanding visual art concepts, such as photography and graphic design

• They will look for at least one picture that they can relate to or that inspires them.
• They will safe this picture in their gallery. Then students will respond to the visual artwork using techniques they have learned about mixed media, graphic design, etc.
• Students will use the Google drive application “ Loupe Collage”, where they can upload photos and arrange these photos into a variety of images or words.

They will then save their response with a small description of:
a. who the artist and artwork was that they were responding to?
b. What it was about the art piece that inspired them?
c. What visual art concepts they used?
d. and what this art piece means to them?
• Once they are finished their project they will send their finished project and their “Google Art Gallery” information to either a classroom email or classroom blog that is set up.

Closure (10 min):
• When students are finished they will be able to get in a group of 2-3 students and share their art piece with the group.

• Students will show the visual and explain their process while sharing.
• Will explain to the students that we will be using our own devices to do an art project today.
• Have students watch and listen carefully to the prezi presentation so they know what to do.

Set (10 min):

Instructional Strategies:
• Incorporate a “prezi” presentation with video to model expectations and directions.
• Incorporate technology, specifically BYOD into the learning environment.

• Give students time to complete their presentation:
• The first thing I will have my students do, is to research pop culture artists from the website provided.
• Once they have found a few artists and read their descriptions that they like, they will then go to Google Art Project to find examples of the work their particular artist or artists have done.
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