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Curriculum Night*

No description

Scott Bray

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Curriculum Night*

We look forward to helping
you navigate through an
a-MAZE-ing year!

Welcome to Fifth Grade
Curriculum Night!


5th Grade Team
Dr. Gooch
Mrs. Keeling
Mrs. Rooney
Deputy Rodgers
Math & Science Team
Ms. Burger
Mrs. Congden
Ms. McCarthy
Mrs. White
Camp Teachers
Progress Reports &
Report Cards

Skyward- Sign in through
FAMILY access
(Register with Front office)
Progress Reports- 6 weeks into trimester (September 29th)
Report Cards –Trimesters- (November 17th)
App available for skyward or link through school website
5th Grade Bowling Party
May 23, 2017
Field Trips!

Send in written note or email when absent, not in planner.

Dividend Form - please fill out soon

Remember to sign in at office and wait to be announced before visiting a classroom

Room Parents- work together as a team

Volunteer Opportunities - super scientists, room parents, field trips, parties/ activities

Blue Thursday folder in homebase
Lunch Info...
Parents are able to eat with their children
Picnic tables available on nice days
Eat with your child only, no friends
Check in at the office (always)
Meet at the cafeteria door
Birthday treats should be pre-cut individual pieces, only kids in your child’s homebase classroom
CCAMMP Schedule

Same schedule every week for PE
Either Mon. & Tues. or Thurs. & Fri
Every class has Mileage Club on Wednesday (5 day weeks)
Chinese on Tuesday or Thursday w/ computer rotation
Disney Nature Movie
Earth Day 2017
Environmental Center
November 17-18 or Dec 1-2
Social Studies Team

Mrs. Booth
Ms. Cepero
Ms. Moehring
Ms. Sammons

Grading Scale
A 100-90
B 89-80
C 79-70
D 69-60
F 59-0
Middle school magnet information for students on September 20th!
Heathrow Elementary's
Curriculum Priorities for the
2016-2017 School Year

ELA grading categories:
Reading - 50%
Writing - 40%
Spelling - 10%
One Year's Growth in One Year's Time
Build positive relationships & culture
Ensure rigorous instruction
Develop a growth mindset
Cultivate purposeful PLCs
Monitor with feedback
Math and Science
Our instructional plan is not sequential (both math & science).
Multiplication facts & vocabulary
Our aim is to delve deeper into grade specific topics for mastery.
Reading and the
Common Core Standards
Large emphasis placed on writing daily & for multiple purposes.
Relying on text evidence a huge component of reading mastery.
Fifth grade uses novels & periodicals to foster real-world reading & comprehension.
Florida Standards
Assessment (FSA)
Math is computer-based and contains various types of question formats.
Reading is computer-based and contains various types of question formats.
Writing assessment is paper-based and includes responding to a prompt, using multiple sources for evidence. (combined with reading component for total score)
Science assessment is FCAT paper/pencil
For more info and test samples: www.FSAssessments.org
Curriculum Resources
Through Technology
eCampus - One stop shop
Digital textbooks
Study Jams
Student devices (Earbuds please!)
*Social Studies, math, and science are not weighted.*
Please proceed to the following areas
to continue our curriculum night...

Congden/Cepero team - cafeteria
Burger/Sammons team - Burger's class
White/Booth team - art room
McCarthy/Moehring team - Moehring's class
Our FOCUS Deputy
Deputy Rodgers
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