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Representations 6.2: first done in wk4

Cardiff University

Paul Bowman

on 13 March 2018

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Transcript of Representations 6.2: first done in wk4

Orientalist Themes
Misogynistic Othering
Internal othering (class, region)
The other as exotic
Ancient culture, faceless other…
(Dehumanized) Other as Oriental
(and vice versa)
Nazi othering of Jazz
Nazi othering of Jews
The Colonised as animalistic
Colonialist Representation
Cultural Themes
Colonialist Representation
Colonialist Representation
Colonialist Representation
…pragmatic Western technology
Japanese as Kamikaze
There was an Englishman, an Irishman and a Colony…
Colonialist Representation
“Scientific” Gaze
Imperialist Fears:
Fu Manchu (Sax Rohmer)
Representing Others
Tarzan (1966)
Tarzan (1918)
District 9
Imperial fears
Other sorts of Othering
The recorded version of this lecture is here:http://bambuser.com/channel/BowmanP
condensation and displacement
NB: remember the
Disney cartoons
from earlier!
Akala on Frankie Boyle
Akala Everyday Racism
The Scramble for Africa
Everyday Racism
racist cartoons
most racist?
'Little Black Sambo'
Blood of Fu Manchu
Flash Gordon
From Fu Manchu to Ming the Merciless
Pink Panther
Green Hornet
bell hooks on rap
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
How to Train Your Dragon, 2
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