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Women's role's during 1500's-1600's

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jennifer meza

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Women's role's during 1500's-1600's

Women's role's during 1500's-1600's Women were considered to be the weaker sex, physically and emotionally. It was always thought to be that women needed someone to take care of them. If the woman was married their husband would look after them if they were single their father or brothers would be the ones to look after them. EDUCATION/WORK Women were not allowed to attend any type of school, they were only allowed to have private tutors at home. They were also not allowed to enter professions such as law, medicine, politics and so on. What they were allowed to do was work as cooks and maids. Basically any type of work that would be considered housework. WOMEN AND THEIR HUSBANDS Although men fit a more important role in society during this time period it didn't meant that women were to be treated badly or of a lower standard. Men were considered to be head of marriage, he was expected to take care of his wife they were not allowed to do any harm to their wife. If this were to happen the husband would be prosecuted or be prevented to live with her. The role of women was very limited during this time period. Women were expected to be housewives and mothers. Due to sickness women usually didn't have many children. If a child was born and the child survived it would be considered a blessing. Women took pride in being mothers. Despite a few things, during this time women had alot more freedom than they have in previous years. The Renaissance brought a new way of thinking, it was thought that women and men could do and be anything they wanted. Women that seemed to suffer the most during this time period were women who were poor, they didn't really have a career for them in their future or any type of happiness for that matter. Women who were happy were the ones who were married. Marriage was desirable for both men and women. Women who were single were most likely to be accused of being witches people were always suspicious of them. WORKS CITED http://www.elizabethi.org/us/women/
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