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6th Grade LifeSkills - Smoking: Myths and Realities

Botvin Lifekskills - Smoking: Myths and Realities less

Tim Petree

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of 6th Grade LifeSkills - Smoking: Myths and Realities

Myths & Realities

What percentage of teens smoke at least once a month?

What percentage smoke daily?
13% of teens smoke monthly

7% of teens smoke daily
What percentage of adults smoke daily?
21% of adults smoke daily
Turn to Pg. 24
"Who's Using Drugs?"
What percentage of teenagers use...?
Smokeless Tobacco
Fewer people smoke than we think.
In reality, smokers represent a small minority with the vast majority of teens and adults are non-smokers.
Pros & Cons of Tobacco Use
What do you think?

Why do some students in schools smoke and others don't?
Reasons Youth Give for Not Smoking
I don't enjoy it

It can be harmful to my health

I don't want to get hooked

It doesn't look good

It cost too much money
It's a challenge to show others that I don't smoke

None of my friends smoke

It will affect my athletic ability

My parents disapprove of smoking
Reasons Youth Give for Smoking Cigarettes
I enjoy it

It relaxes me

It's a habit

Everybody in my crowd smokes

It helps me feel and look older
It stimulates me, gives me a lift

It gives me something to do with my hands

It helps me to keep my weight down

It gives me something to do when I am bored or depressed

It makes me feel independent
Do you think cigarettes can do all those things?
Cigarettes are not magical and cannot do all the wonderful things that advertisers would have us believe they can do
Examining the pros and cons of cigarette smoking, one thing is clear:
there are many reasons for not smoking and no good reasons for smoking
Cost of Smoking
1 pack a day x 7 days x $5.51 (cost per pack)=
$38.57 per week
1 pack a day x 30 days x $5.51 (cost per pack)=
$165.30 per month
$38.57 per week x 52 weeks =
$2,005.64 per year
How else could you use that money?
Effects of Smoking
Heart Disease
Lung Disease
Cigarette smoking is a major risk factor for developing several types of cancer, heart disease, and chronic respiratory diseases
The survival rate for all of these diseases is generally poor
Together, these three causes make up 58% of the total deaths in the United States each year
Turn to Pg. 25
"Smoking and the Body"
Affects the nerves and blood vessels in the ears and may lead to hearing loss
Causes the eyes to become red and may lead to loss of eyesight
Harms the skin covering the lips, tongue, and throat, and may cause food to taste funny

Causes bad coughs

Causes bad breath and mouth infections
Makes it harder to breathe normally which makes it harder for you to do daily activities
Closes off blood vessels making the heart work harder to pump blood through them
Causes the temperature of the skin to drop

Causes wrinkles on the face to appear quickly
Decreases your ability to smell
Process of Becoming Hooked on Cigarettes
Step 1


Step 3

Step 4
Trying cigarettes (only a few puffs)
Smoke cigarettes on occasion (usually with friends, only a few times a month)
Increase how often you smoke (from a few times a month to a few times a day)
Smoke a pack (or more) of cigarettes
every day
What is the smoking pattern of someone who just started smoking? Does he/she usually smoke in groups or alone?

How is this different for someone who has been smoking for a while?

Do you think it is hard for adult smokers to quit? Why is it so hard? Can people really get addicted to cigarettes?
Smokers become physically and psychologically addicted
50% of current smokers have tried to quit, but failed.
Do you think cigarette smoking is becoming more or less socially acceptable?
Fewer people smoke today than ever before
In the last 25 years, over 48 million smokers have quit
Non-Smoker's Rights
Smoking is no longer allowed:

Schools and school grounds
Subways and trains
Non-smokers have the right to live in a smoke-free environment
Non-smokers are becoming more assertive and vocal in their objections to smoking

Sidestream smoke (smoke from lighted tip of a cigarette between puffs) has a higher concentration of some of the irritating and hazardous substances than does mainstream smoke (smoke inhaled by smoker)

Sidestream smoke forces non-smokers to become "involuntary smokers"

Involuntary smoking is both psychologically and physiological irritating, and potentiall hazardous to the non-smoker
Turn to Pg. 27
"My Reasons for Not Smoking"

2,005.64 x 10 years = $20,056.40 per decade
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