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You + Recruiterbox

No description

Joshua Benson

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of You + Recruiterbox

Hiring Team
Add candidates from any source
Work email
- Forward resumes to a company unique email address for an instantly parsed profile.
Candidate management
Personalized candidate dashboards

No lost resumes
All data in one place
Automated workflows
Easy interviews with automated feedback
Email & Calendar integration
Flexible pricing options
24/7 US based support
You + Recruiterbox
What can happen?
Careers website
- Sync your jobs automatically to your website + maintain all your branding. Candidates apply directly!

- Give them special access.
- create unique links for each team member.
Job boards
- Push to several job boards at once to attract more candidates.
Each team member knows what they should do in a jiffy
- Add thousands of candidates in one go!
Advanced Search
Find the right candidate with ease
Bulk actions
Mass message and manage candidates
Use custom labels to filter candidates with one click
Delegate stages to specific team members
Team members get auto-notified to give attention to a candidate
Interviews with automated feedback
No more bugging co-workers for evaluations
Add team members with different privileges
Internal notes
Openings Report
Source report
MS Excel reports
Candidate details page optimized for mobile phones
Look up the resume, makes notes and submit evaluation on the go!
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