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How has Greek Theatre influenced Contemporary Theatre

Drama ISP

zainab alimohamed

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of How has Greek Theatre influenced Contemporary Theatre

By: Zainab alimohamed How has Greek Theater
Influenced Contemporary
Theater? Began in the Greek City of Athens in 534BC
Greek theater began with festivals worshiping their gods
Athens was the main place for theaters
Theater comes from the Greek word which means"viewing" Introduction Greek theater building was called theatron
The theater would be outside
Included three parts; the orchestra, the skene, and the audience
The audience would surround the stage by being in a semi- circle
The rows would be in curving tiers so people on top would be able to see the performance
In the middle, would be the orchestra
Behind the orchestra would be the skene
The skene was their "changing room " where they would change
Builders would use natural curved sides for seating area-provided excellent acoustics Structure (Greek Theater) Contemporary Theater has carried on the same kind of structure
It is inside (weather conditions)
The audience is surrounding the stage in a semi-circle
The audience are also in curving tiers so people high up can see
They have a skene where they change in
They have a stage for the orchestra as well
Some theaters have domed ceilings so the sounds can move around Structure (Modern) We take special effects for granted
It includes smoke, flashing lights, electronic sound
Makes the performance more interesting
Contemporary Theater found special effects from Greek Theater
In Greek Theater,
Cranes-lifting actors in the air
Ekkyklema- wheeled platform rolled out through the skene, bring interior scenes to the audience
We don't use these special effects anymore because people want it to be more realistic
Contemporary Theater uses wires still to make actors fly in the air Special Effects In Greek Theater and in Contemporary Theater there is an orchestra
In Greek Theater, the orchestra "stage" would be where the dancing would occur and the chorus would sing
The chorus would have long scripts, the actors only did gestures
Today, we do not have a chorus, however the chorus in Greek Theater led to narration now
In modern theater, there is a small place for the orchestra

In Greek Theater, the center of the orchestra stood a statue of their god Dionysus and their songs would be related to that
We don't have that, because now a days not everyone have the same beliefs or religion The Orchestra Greek Theater has three types of plays; comedy, tragedy, and satire
Tragedy-one person would always suffer
Comedy- would have a happy ending
Satire-made fun of mortal legends and or real people
These types of plays are still used in contemporary theaters, and more are created
Themes Quiz Time The word theater comes from the greek word, which means? The Greek Theater had three parts of their theater, what were they? In Contemporary Theater, chorus is no longer a big thing however the chorus in greek theater led us to what? Citations: "Difference between Greek and Modern Theaters." 123HelpMe.com. N.p.. Web. 6 Apr 2013. <http://www.123helpme.com/difference-between-greek-and-modern-theatres-view.asp?id=150503>

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Nowadays, theaters don't use the masks as much as before, but they still use it
Many directors re-create greek drama by using masks
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