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the edge of Europe

Rui Lino

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Portugal

Thank you for your attention =)
and then jump to the bread ...
are grilled ...

Portuguese people
Connected to the ocean
‘Saudade’-nostalgia, missing, feeling of loose
Men are raving about women beauty
Being late ( 30 minutes)
Brandos Costumes
The Portuguese drive very badly
The Portuguese are sad
In France, they think that all Portuguese women have lots of hair

01.01 –New Years Eve ( Ano Novo )
25.04 –Freedom Day (Dia da Liberdade )
01.05 –Labour Day (Dia do Trabalhador)
10.06 –Portuguese Day ( Dia de Portugal )
01.12 –Independence Day (Restauração da Independência )
Portugal, the edge of Europe
- The city of Coimbra helds one of the oldest Universities in Europe
Portugal and the different Regions
Capital: Lisbon Budapest
Language: Portuguese Hungarian
Currency: Euro (EUR) Forint (HUF)
Area: 92 090 km²2 93 030 km2
Population: 10.561.614 10.198.315

*Both countries are ruled by a Democratic Government
Similar to Mediterranean food
Coffee (after lunch and dinner)
eating cod fish in all sort of different styles (it's one of the national dishes)
very tasty desserts, mostly with eggs

Every region in Portugal has got a special, traditional dish
Portuguese language is spoken by about 230 million people around the world and it's the official language of 9 countries!
cork export
Some facts...
In the 15h century half of the "New World" belonged to Portugal!
Most important days
Portuguese known around the world ...
Eusébio "black panther"
typical landscape
Rich traditional folklore

and fado singers;
Appreciates: Art, Dance, Drama, and Music
Festivals are very popular during the summer seasons;
Famous wines ( Porto, Madera, Vinho Verde)
Similar to Mediterranean food
Because Portugal has a well developed fishing industry, seafood and meat are main ingredients in many meals
Francesinha is a sandwich made with ham, sausage, tomato, cheese and steak or roast meat
There are many varieties of cheeses but traditional portuguese recipes do not include cheese
Portugal was founded in 1152
Each region of Portugal has their own traditional dishes of seafood and meat
Portuguese slave trade was outlawed in 1850
The capital, Libson, is technically not the capital of Portugal
Libson is 4 centuries older than Rome
It is illegal to kill a bull in Portuguese bull fighting
The Vasco De Gama bridge in Libson is the longest bridge in Europe
The oldest alliance still in force is the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance signed in 1373
The modern day Portuguese legal system was influenced by German law
Estoril Casino is the largest gambling outlet in Europe
Maritime (mild winters and cool summers) ; cool and rainy in north, warmer and drier in south
94% Roman Catholic
850 Kilometers of coastline
José Saramago (Nobel Prize in Literature)
José Mourinho
Joaquim de Almeida
Mariza "popular fado singer"
Cristiano Ronaldo
largest bridge in Europe
Rui Lino
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