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No description

Sam Parkinson

on 16 September 2014

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Unique to Ultra
Ultra Worldwide festivals in ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, CHILE, CROATIA, IBIZA, KOREA, SOUTH AFRICA and of course MIAMI.
They provide a live stream service ‘ULTRA LIVE’ where the festival experience is brought online to over 15 million unique viewers globally
Audio broadcasting platform ‘UMF RADIO’ which is syndicated to FM Radio in over 30 countries reaching more than 11 million listeners weekly so they will be able to listen to the entire festival.
Unique festival style with fuzzy boots, arms bracelets called 'kandi', body paint, etc.

Event History
Started in 1999 as a 1 day festival on Miami's South Beach
In 2007 became a 2 day festival
In 2010 became 3 consecutive days
In 2012 record attendance broke with a avg 155,000 per day
In 2013 broke festival history by spanning 2 (3 day) weekends
2014 went back down to a single 3 day weekend
2014 broke pre-sale records by selling out "within seconds"
2015 will be strictly 18+
Economic Impact & Microenvironmental Factors
2010- $40 million
2012-$79 million
2014- over $80 million dollars for the Miami-Dade County Economy.
Supported about 915 jobs within the event.
The Event organizers spent about $11.5 million on operational cost themselves
Ticket prices:
General admission$400 (all 3 days)
Single day $133
Producer / Sponsors
Founded by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes
Linked with ULTRAworld wide in 2005 after partnering with Adam Russakoff
Not directly associated with ULRTA records but in 2012 came together for a "global alligience" to share cross promotion and marketing
Heiniken is the events largest sponsor, celebrating 7 years
Security & Risk Management
Ultra Music Festival Miami Introduces Minimum Age Policy
Beginning with its 2015 edition, confirmed for March 27, 28 and 29 2015, Ultra Music Festival will now only allow those aged 18 years and older to attend the event.
Newly hired Security Director and former Miami Beach Police Chief, Ray Martinez, said “The first step to having fun is feeling safe.”

World's Premier Electronic Music Festival
Takes Place in Bayfront Park in Miami Dade County
ULTRA is held every year towards the end of March
Bring fans all over the world of EDM together
Their target market is young adults from 18 to 28
Sam Parkinson, Alex Simon, Patricia Chutney & Artrell Brathwaite
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