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Effective Teachers in Context

A summary of teaching practice in an urban public school with a high population of ELL's, low income and limited funds.

Lego Las

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Effective Teachers in Context

Effective Teacher
in the
90 minute Reading Block

What impacts student
learning the most?

Qualities of Effective
from the study
Job responsibilities and practices:
Who are they?
Student's impact on their own achievement:
student characteristics, learning style,
personality, disabilities, etc.

School impact on student achievement:
Peer impact on student achievement:
Impact on student achievement:
* Establishes an effective classroom culture and management approach.

* RELENTLESSLY enforces it over and over, slowly, patiently, circles back calmly and explains again.
* Gradually releases responsibility with continuous checks for understanding.
* takes notes and confers.
* creates interest: a question, an article, an artifact, etc.
* teacher talks for no more than 5-10 min before giving students an opportunity to process the information.
* uses white boards, thumbs up/down, multiple times in multiple ways.
Classroom Climate:
* clear agenda posted
* essential agreements* * transitions
* high expectations for every student
* active, engaged students
* close, personal relationships
* endearing phrases; "Your best is good enough for me", "You are rocking it!", "It is high but I know you will get there..."
* plants, special indoor recess kits, realia, artifacts, joining them for a riddle at snack time,...
* Essential Agreements: "Let's review again..."
1. Work quietly
2. Listen to others
3. Be respectful
4. Have a positive attitude
5. Do personal best.
* "We will have to use some of our recess time to go over
our essential agreements. I'm disappointed, but we can fix it."
other report findings:
from the report:
background, parents,
birth order, genetics,
experiences, culture,
languages, travel,
literacy of family,
technology, etc.
Teacher match to school, environment, bullying,
resources, clubs, hidden curriculum/ethos,
PTO membership, rural/urban/Title I, school food,
leadership, access to translators, school spirit, etc.
on student achievement:

training, experience, match to job, interests,
skills, effectiveness, knowledge of content areas,
values, ongoing training, experience with English
Language Learners, experience with special
needs students, communication with care givers, etc.

* fair
* shows respect at all times
* thoughtful and reflective
* positive and excited about learning
* proactive about discipline: explains exactly
what is happening and what is expected.
* maintains momentum
* monitors and responds
* takes time to teach and reteach desired
* has high student engagement
* show respect and supports each student
* often soft spoken and quiet
* often are hard to find
* you!!?
Findings from Kathy Rieke and Jim
Frakes Fall, 2011 in the MSD of Washington Township, Indianapolis, Indiana.They observed 15 teachers with 90% or more passing rates on ISTEP for the last 2-3 years. Diversity was a characteristic at all of the schools in the study.

chart from The Great Lakes Center for Educational Research
and Practice.
The Home
peer buddies, sub-culture members,
urban/rural, siblings close in age, age
of peers, clubs, isolation/involvement
in the community/culture, etc.
part of 20% of overall school & teacher impact
What qualities do you think of when you think of who an effective teacher is? What are they like as people?
"I should not hear a
word in transition times."
"This is the rubric
I will use to grade
your story."
"Turn and talk
to your partner..."
"What does
SSR stand for?
That means by
"I know we just covered this,
but I would like to review one
more thing..."
"I'm always open
to learning more."
"This is so interesting,
I don't want you to miss it."
""What an awesome
comment!" "Cllip up!"
Per Marzano after the first year new
teachers feel a lot better. By Year 3
they max out on their fast growth.
In Year 5 they will show little growth
unless there is an intentional push to
embrace self-development.
School Adminstrators' Conference 2012 in Missouri: "What are the Current and Future Trends in Teacher Evaluation?"
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