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No description

Sierra Henderson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Hooters

Bryan Alexander
Maggie Glina
Sierra Henderson
Laura Wyland Hooters' History
1983: First Hooters opens on April Fool's Day in Clearwater, FL
1984: Franchise rights were sold to Atlanta Investors, who formed Hooters of America, Inc.
1989: Hooters Magazine debuts
2001: Hooters of America buys trademark from Hooters
2003: Hooters Airline was established
2006: The Hooters Casino and Hotel was opened in 2006
Currently Hooters...
is located in 43 states and 26 countries
has over 450 locations
is ranked 45th in Restaurants and Institutions magazine's top 400 chain restaurants in America (based on sales)
Any restaurant, but more specifically: BREASTAURANTS!
Twin Peaks and Bone Daddy's Method:
Questioned 5 people for index cards
Inserted our own index cards after searching Hooters' websites
Used another five people (ages 15-46, 1 male, 4 females) to conduct brand maps
Then used another 3 people (all from the business school) for metaphor elicitation Brand Map
Words that ended up in the "No" pile...
seafood, salad, & sandwiches
neighborhood place
endowment fund Conclusion
When people think of Hooters, they think of girls, boobs, and beer!

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