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Cuenca: A Potential Tourist Destination

a proposed plan for tourism development for the municipality of Cuenca.

Jun Arada

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Cuenca: A Potential Tourist Destination

Cuenca: A Potential
Tourism Destination a proposed plan for tourism development for the municipality Introduction Introduction Don Juan, Cuenca, Batangas Access Conditions Access Conditions Access Conditions Tourist Attraction Recommendations Tourism, in all its forms, is of crucial importance to the economic, social and environmental well-being of the whole country. It is one of the many activities in a community and religion that requires planning and coordination.
It aims at identifying our destination Don Juan located in Cuenca, Batangas in terms of its products, the market segments and as main focus, the planning and development of the destination from the past to the present. This is just one of many barangays that surrounds the famous and the smallest active volcano in the world – the Taal Volcano. Barangay Don Juan is a part of the country’s 3rd largest lake, the Taal Lake. It is the continuation of the Cities and municipalities environing the Volcano which are the Talisay, San Nicolas, Laurel, Santa Teresita, Mataas na Kahoy, Balete Alitagtag, Agoncillo, Lipa City and Tanauan City.
The “1,500 steps” is well-known here. Barangay Don Juan is very accessible for it’s just half a 5 – minute drive away from the municipal proper. If you have your car, you may drive until you reach the arc of Don Juan. And if you don’t have your own, you may commute using the tricycle near the market. And because Barangay Don Juan is known for its 1,500-step experience, some may think that it is not that accessible for the tourist to visit the lakeshore. This is the thrill behind the destination. You have to walk the 1,500 steps o reach the lakeshore and enjoy the beauty of it. But how about those who want to enjoy the lake but don’t want to walk too long and don’t want adventures? The Barangay and Municipality of Cuenca have finalized their plan regarding this matter as stated in the Review of Related Studies and the Tourism Development Plans. They have now the fund to construct a hi-way ranging from Barangay 7 to the lakeshore for the vehicles can enter the place. We planned to make a resort placed with a view of the entire Lake and the Taal Volcano. The resort will have a three-storey building with an atique for the executive room. Every storey will be having public comfort rooms, male and female section separated, fire extinguisher and fire hose, vicinity map and the whole resort map. The front office will be on the 1st floor. It will be like a living room with couches, and television for guests waiting for the registration or payment of their bills.
The souvenir shop will also be in the 1st floor so that at the very first sight, they will feel the place by showing them the products of Batangas.
Convenience store will be located nearly beside the Souvenir shop.
The Function room will be on the 1st floor also but a little far from the front office, souvenir shop and convenience store.
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