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Isle Royale Mini Report- Fish Of Isle Royale

By Lily Christmas & Mandy Evans

Mandy Evans

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Isle Royale Mini Report- Fish Of Isle Royale

What Species Of Fish Are On Isle Royale? The questions on this Prezi are answered by: Mandy Evans & Lily Christmas 1. How many specis of fish are on Isle Royale?
5 Specis of Fish The average Northen Pike is 35-40 inches 2. How long is the average Northern Pike? Northern Pike Fotage- Under the water 3. How much does the average Northen Pike Weigh? 5-7 Lbs. 4. What do Norhten Pike eat? Other Fish 5. How long is the average Walleye? 35.8 Inches 6. How much does the average Walleye weigh? 1.5- 3 Lbs. 7. How deep is the lake surrounding Isle Royale? 1,332 Ft. Deep(406 Meters) 8. How many square miles is the lake surrounding Isle Royale? 31, 700 Square Miles 9. When do Walleyes breed? 10. Are Walleyes meat-eaters or plant-eaters? They are meat-eaters Spring & Early Summer 11. Do Walleyes travel alone or in schools? Underwater Cam- School Of Walleyes They travel in schools 12. When do Coaster Brook Trouts breed? Late Summer or Fall 100-5,000 Eggs 14. Do Coaster Brook Trouts travel alone or in schools? 15. What do Coaster Brook Trouts eat? ENJOY =) They travel in schools Sideswimmers, Aquatic Incects, Snails, and Worms Underwater Fotage- Brook Trout 13. How many eggs do Coaster Brook Trouts have? Fish On Isle Royale Coaster Brook Trout! 1. Coaster Brook Trout
2. Walleye
3. Northern Pike
4. Salmon
5. Trout
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