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Shape Poetry

Lanterne and Diamante

Joseph Golden

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Shape Poetry

Shape Poetry Where Word Structures
Physical Structures Keepthe hope
until hope releases youfree Lanterne Dawn
tantalizing, exhilarating, inviting
friends, citizens, government, politicians
inciting, embezzling, dictating
greedy, covetous
Darkness Diamante Lanterne Poems Writing Basics Two Shape Poem Styles 1. First line is one syllable (e.g. Famed)

2. Second line is two syllables (e.g. A-dored)

3. Third line is three syllables (e.g. Yet for-lorn)

4. Fourth line is four syllables (e.g. Your Mem-or-ies)

5. Fifth line is one syllable that relates to the first line (e.g. Lived) Diamante Poems Writing Basics 1. First line should contain a noun. It should relate in some way to the noun that will be on the last line (e.g. Winter vs. Summer)

2. Second line has two adjectives that describe the first noun (e.g. Rainy, cold)

3. Third Line has three gerunds related to the first noun [-ing verbs] (e.g. Skiing, skating, sledding)

4. Fourth line has a pair of related nouns connected to the first noun with another pair of related nouns connecting to the second word. (e.g. Mountains, wind, breeze, ocean) *This is the transitional line from the noun at the beginning to the noun at the end*

5. Fifth line has three more gerunds related to the noun that will be the last line ( e.g. Swimming, surfing, scuba diving)

6. Sixth line is two adjectives relating to the noun on the last line (e.g. Sunny, hot)

7. Seventh and last line should be your noun that relates to the noun at the start (e.g. Summer) Definitions Details, details, details... A diamond poem, also called a diamante, is a seven line poem that takes the shape of a diamond when it is created. The first and the last line of the poem are the same word or two related words. Diamante Lanterne A type of poem that has one syllable in the first line, two syllables in the second line, three syllables in the third line, four syllables in the fourth line, and one syllable in the fifth line that related to the first word of the poem. Looks like a Japanese paper lantern, huh? Notice the DIAMOND shape of this poem...
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