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how derpy sonic

No description

laura dowdy

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of how derpy sonic

How Derpy Sonic Can Be
by :Ryan boqua

when he is trying to save the world he kinda ant derpy right now. But if you herd of him before this is basically what his hyper form is.
NOW you are gonna know that if he dies he becomes sonic .Exe
dont worry i played a lot of creepy pasta before even the sonic .Exe games before. this is what he looks like when he is dead.
Derpy sonic things
When sonic gets derpy then stay away from him cause he will make you derpy to. and co co as well
ANY questions
now you are going to laugh your rear end of.
this is a hilarious video called derpy sonic.
sonic as a dressed up rabbit
while sonic is not derpy
sorry but i could`nt find a sonic .Exe image
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