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Anth111 SPR16 Wk 15

No description

Julie Jenkins

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Anth111 SPR16 Wk 15

"On the Margins of the American Dream"
How do racial and ethnic stereotypes impact the Lions?
How are the jobs that undocumented workers take 'racialized'?
What does Gomberg-Munoz mean when she says that "illegal immigration" is produced through immigration policy?
The Center for Immigration Studies found that "many of the costs associated with illegals are due to their American-born children, who are awarded U.S. citizenship at birth." Is this cost a function of illegal status or low-incomes?
Is it realistic to believe that by restricting immigration, economic prospects for many Black Americans will improve?
Black Americans continue to face discrimination in the job market
Domestic policies have recasted generations of urban minorities as 'criminal'
-Housing discrimination
(re)producing residential segregation
Why does this also then produce educational segregation and inequality?
disproportionately denied access to credit & mortgages
Employment discrimination
whites with criminal records more likely to be treated favorably than African Americans with NO criminal record
disproportionally targeted by police and suffer higher levels of violence at hands of police
--not just individual acts racism
(re)producing system of institutional racism and structural inequality
"color-blind racism"-- forgoes references to race for a more subtle series of practices that differentiate"
"while professing the ideal of being 'color-blind'" (Hatigan 2010)
emphasize individual actions while downplaying social and structural circumstances that shape our experiences and opportunities
social boundaries around class, ethnicity & race spoken about in terms of morality
So..what is going on...
employers find powerless work forces appealing
"'wanting to work' means either tolerating poor working conditions or being powerless to do anything about them" (p. 133)
passive and pliable workforce created through
immigration policies that designate migrant workers as "illegal"
domestic policies that incarcerate Black Americans, which can then be utilized as cheap labor
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