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My Future

No description

Sienna Dosanjh

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of My Future

- Born in Richmond, BC on November 20, 1998

-2 brothers, 1 sister

-Played soccer, hockey, and basketall

- Sprained right ankle 3 times, left ankle once, and left knee once

-"usually very mean but sometimes very happy!"-Chloe Arabiana

-".....interesting....."-Kimmy Kular

-"Sienna has, and will always be a terrible human. She has no way of contributing to any learning environment ANYWHERE. She's really mean to me" - Owen (the best) Muckle
- Pediatrician

- Backpacking across Europe

- Traveling anywhere i can

- To have a family

- Go on a humanitarian trip

- Graduate High school

- Get into University in pre-med

- Get into med school

-Graduate med school

- Eventually have my own medical practice
Short Term:
- work at bank to pay through university and med school

Long term:
- Pediatrician
Why I want to be a Pediatrician
I have wanted to be a Pediatrician for the longest time now. It started when my parents told me i could not be an artist and to be a doctor or lawyer. It was probably a good thing that they said that because i suck at art. Anyways, i chose doctor because i guess i grew up with a medical background with my mom being a nurse and multiple family members being doctors. It's in my blood. I chose Pediatrician because i love children and can connect with them easily. My goal is to be able to go to developing countries and use my medical skills to help them get better.
- playing soccer (for 12 years now)
- skating
- Netflix!
- traveling/road trips
- skiing
- Reading
- Volunteering and fundraising (in Peace club, Relay for life)
-polka dot game
My Future
Work Experience
- McDoanld's for over 1 year


- Relay For Life

- Peace Club

- Wold Committee

- Richmond Girls Soccer Association

- Richmond Minor Hockey Association
5 years from now...
- I will hopefully be graduating from University

- Have a secure job to help me pay for schooling

- Well on my way to becoming a doctor
Finance Plan
- I have been saving up money for the past few years now to hopefully pay for the first few months of living in a apartment near my university

- I hope to work at a bank while i am in university because it is a pretty secure job and i can stay there for years

- Probably getting student loans to help pay for university and med school
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