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jordan mathews

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Rome

By: Jordan Mathews and
Ben Noble Rome Antonius Pius Rulers 2 Nero Architecture the Tower of Hercules Trajan's Column Currently the colum is in Rome, Italy. It commemorates the Roman Emperor Trajan's victory against Dacian in war. It is covered in pictures that have to do with Rome's history and it is 125ft. This structure can be similar to the Obelisk in Washington D.C. because both of them are pillars. Rulers Antonius Pius used his own funds to distribute oil, grain, and wine to give to the citizens of Rome in times of famine. He also issued new coins featuring the Roman gods such as Jupiter, Mars, etc. He also built the Hadrian temple, repaired the amphitheater, and the Ostia baths. Nero was not of royal blood. his mother murdered her own husband after he swore that Nero would be his heir. Nero lowered taxes on the people but he also burned down his own city just so he could build him self another palace. He also pinned the blame on the Christians. His mother would tell him what to do and he tiered of it after awhile. To stop her from nagging him he sent guards to kill her. The tower is an ancient light for the Romans. It is found in the southern part of Spain. A building similar to the tower of Hercules is like the Statue of Liberty because they are both made of concrete and have a light source held within them. Colosseum The Colosseum in Rome would be where people would go to be entertained. Here is where slaves were sold to fight for their lives against lions, tigers, and bears, (OH MY) and other slaves. The Colosseum would also recreate famous naval battles and wars. The Colosseum would also be a place where criminals and enemies of the state would be sent to die. The Colosseum is similar to the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Circus Maximus The Circus Maximus is and arena for chariot races and gladiatorial fights. Its very similar to the Roman Colosseum. The only difference is that the Colosseum is in a circle while the Circus is in an oval. The Circus is similar to a major soccer stadium. Pantheon The pantheon is dedicated to all of the Roman gods of the time such as Jupiter and Mars. Later the Pantheon was converted into a church. It also houses the body of the famous artist Raphael. The church is dedicated to the virgin Marry and all of the martyrs of the time. the Pantheon also looks similar to the White House. Running water in Rome In Rome there were cisterns where water was stored. It also generated water presser by about o.43 pounds per inch. These things were big so they produced a lot of water pressure. Concrete Concrete was made first by mixing lime and water together. After making a mushy paste they would add volcanic sand to it and then they would mold it into what ever shape they wanted and let it dry.
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