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My favourite Sandwich

A project to show I can use "Prezi" properly. You will see how to make and what my favourite sandwich is.

Jennifer Saunders

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of My favourite Sandwich

My favourite Sandwich is a Nutella sandwich
on whole wheat bread. This is a delicious bottle of Nutella This is Nutella smothered
on whole wheat bread. YUM! Now I'm gonna show you how to make it!

Things you need:
Butter-Knife, Bottle of Nutella, two slices of
whole wheat bread. Toasted:
First you put the bread
in the toaster and wait 'till it pops up. Non-Toasted:
First take the bread and put it on a
cutting board or a table. Second you take the Nutella bottle and dip the butter-knife into the Nutella and My Favourite Sandwich My favourite Sandwich is Nutella on whole wheat bread. I will now show you how to make it... What you need;
You need,
Butter Knife, whole wheat bread, Nutella and a toaster.
(If you do not want it toasted you do not need a toaster). TOASTED
Take your bread and put it in the toaster.
When it pops take them out and put them on a table or counter top. NON-TOASTED
Take your bread out of the package and put it on a table or counter top. Next,
Take the bottle of Nutella and open it.
Take your butter-knife and scoop a blob on the knife and then put it on your peice of bread. Finally,
Put the Nutella on your bread and spread it on your slice of bread and put the slices together. Take your butter-knife and cut your sandwich in half. Enjoy Your Sandwich!
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