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MenCare Global

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of MenCare

MenCare Approximately four out of five men worldwide will be fathers at some point in their lives. Washington, DC Guatemala Nicaragua Brazil Chile South Africa Sri Lanka Turkey India A Global Fatherhood Campaign ...women, children, and men all benefit. MenCare is
with men,
toward a world of
gender equality
& non-violence. Fathers
Involvement Infant's Health Maternal Health Fathers
Playing &
Educating Emotional Connections Child Abuse Fathers
Carework Women's Opportunity Gender Inequality MenCare creates
global change
through media,
program development & advocacy. When men are engaged positively in their children's lives... Start a
Courses Stand up and advocate for inclusive workplace, social and political policies. Adapt MenCare
Posters Ready to
Started? Screen our films or create your own. It's up to
you to make the campaign your own. When you help men become better fathers and caregivers, you
help families
have better lives. Please join us. Namibia Botswana 1. Be Involved from the Start
2. Share the Care Work, and Get Good at It
3. Show it, Be Proud
4. Get Involved in Your Child’s Health
5. Play
6. Provide an Education, at Home and at School
7. Show Affection
8. Raise Without Violence
9. Teach Equality and Respect
10. Support and Respect the Child’s Mother Encourage fathers to do more.
10 MenCare Themes
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