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Class Dojo in a High School setting.

No description

Alex Robson

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of Class Dojo in a High School setting.

Positive and Negative Behaviors that include date, time, and teacher
For use in parent teacher meetings, IEPs, and referals.
Connection between parents, teachers, administrators and other support staff.
Incentive Program for students
Students can be included in an incentive program simular to PBIS.
Students can be messured by highest postive percent or by total points. (MS does points daily and % weekly)
Candy bar for #1 student. (TP)
the Last period of the movie, extra PE, or catch up room. (%)
, Candy bar for top five kids. (%)
A record of individual behaviors
Creating your Class
Share Class and Connect
Creating your account
Add negtive or positive behavoirs

Click on a student's name to reveal different behaviors.
Turn on tablets
Find the dojo app
log in with your info
find 9th grade class
What can dojo do for you?
Setting up your dojo
Connecting Tablets
Class Dojo in a High School setting.
Mr. Collins ONLY
Let's start with 5 positive and 5 negitive behavoirs
Mr. Collins: Add teachers on the team via email.
other techers click on class once it is shared
Check to make sure your students are there and that the five good and five negative behavior
Add a postive
Add a negtive
Extra Stuff:
Printing and finding reports
Connecting Parents
Add behaviors and students
What is it?
Class dojo is a tool that you will use while class is being taught for constant classroom feedback
Now lets make
your dojo
So how do I use
this during class?
What else can dojo do?
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