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practical stylistics

stylistics report

jomari sicangco

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of practical stylistics

Pineda, Elvira M.
Sicangco, Jomari B. Practical Stylistics Practical stylistics is the stylistics, proceeding form the norms of language usage at a given period and teaching these norms to language speakers, especially the ones, dealing with the language professionally (editors, publishers, writers, journalists, teachers, etc.) (V.A.K). Practical stylistics- is the process of literary text analysis which starts from basic assumption that the previous interpretative procedures used in the reading of a literary text are linguistic procedures. (Carter 1991:4) Importance of
Practical Stylistics 1.It can provide the means whereby the student of literature can relate a piece of literary writings to his own experience of the language and so can extend the experience. 2. It can assist in
the transfer of
interpretative skills on
essential purpose of
literary education. 3. It can provide a
procedure of
demystifying literary
texts. 4. The focus of a literary
text in itself provides a
context in which the learning
aspects of language can be
positively enjoyed.
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