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Should we be allowed to change our own DNA during our lives?

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Gloria kim

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Should we be allowed to change our own DNA during our lives?

Is it ethical to change your DNA? Francis Crick once said, " We used to think out fate was in our stars. Now we know that, in large measure, our fate is in our genes." So what does ethical mean? It is of or relating to moral principles of branch of knowledge dealing with situation. (or basically you could say what is right and whats wrong but, morals are the reasoning's behind what's right and wrong) Who would be the ones to say yes? scientist's and medical doctors believe the fact that we can change our genes is a historical and wonderful break through. Since we may be able to cure diseases like cancer,AID'S,and mutations of the chromosomes and genes. mothers of physically disabled children would also agree to it since Gene therapy (is the process of transplanting normal genes in place of defective ones) could make it so that their children could lead their lives as normally as possible. Who would be the ones to say no? The general public may be fearful to the possible consequences that may occur when we change our genes. Some Scientists, and doctors fear that if we start changing our DNA we'll be bound to introduce a new genetic disease to the human population. There is also that long argued "who are we to play god?" question. Even though it can be said not to be valid since non-believers say there is no proof that God exists and that he made us or the universe. To religious people this is all they've known so it is in their morals to say " who are they to change God's designs?" some can even say the possible consequences can come from disobeying and changing his designs anyways. Citations

http://www.actionbioscience.org/biotech/glenn.html Should we be allowed to change our own DNA during our lives?

Personally No,
just because we can does not always necessarily mean that we should . I agree it is a big medical and scientific breakthrough that could possibly cure cancer and bring good to human kind, and the reason that humans live longer is also due to the medical revolution. However,Medical science has also brought us new diseases to cull our growing population, which is how nature should work. What guarantee do scientists have that they wont create a new genetic disease? If we can change our DNA people will also try and create super humans which is not what god intended us to do. The benefits of changing DNA

- Reverse the possibility of getting a horrible disease linked to genes.
- Opens doors for new medical and scientific endeavors.
- People could buy specific genes for their child.
- Gene therapy could save peoples lives.
- People could make people smarter. The possible consequences
-The government would have to agree to the patent of human life forms, which is basically like owning someone.(what values does that teach our children?)
- The introduction of new genetic diseases.
- creation of a "slave race" that can be exploited
- People cheating life by altering genes
- People making it so they can have eternal life (which would cause major consequences on it's own part) This article talks about how scientists have found a genetic disease called dementia(usually takes effect at a later age and is not treatable) in a baby and have thought long and hard about not saying anything. while later they tested a two year old to find that he had a rare colon cancer which was fixable. They saved the two year old but nothing was said to the parents of the baby.

Changing our DNA does save lives but to what possible extent?
Could Changing our DNA possibly have saved the baby too?
Nobody knows for certain yet ,since scientists are still researching the possibilities of what we could do with our DNA, But maybe we could find the cure to diseases that we haven't found yet. Having said that, the process of find such cures could produce consequences we don't know yet. Changing our DNA
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