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Gulf Coast Gator Ranch/ Everglades Holiday Park/ Gator Boys

No description

Lil' Angel

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Gulf Coast Gator Ranch/ Everglades Holiday Park/ Gator Boys

Gulf Coast Gator Ranch/ Everglades Holiday Park-Gator and Snake Rescue/ Gator Boys Gator Boys! - catch some of the largest and smallest nuisance gators in the US
- caught one gator in MS and nick-named it Gatorzilla (actual name is Big Bull) because of its size; was 13 feet 6 inches. so big they had to have everyone there and noose him twice
- let triple amputee (war hero) wrestle a 9 foot gator (lost both legs and part of his left arm from landmine) Gulf Coast Gator Ranch Everglades Holiday Park -in Mississippi
-home to the Gator Boys
-obviously where the show is filmed
-if visiting, may be possible you meet and/or see the Gator Boys while filming and possibly we on an episode
-open 7 days a week
-located just outside of Pecan, Mississippi
-visit website for more details and their number to meet them
- can volentire there if you love gators -located in 21940 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
-original home to the Gator Boys (still is)
-same as Gulf Coast Gator Ranch, when there, might be able to see some of the original Gator Boys and filming their show. also might be able to meet them and be in an episode or two if you volentire there Jimmy Riffle, his brother Andy, and co-worker Tre Paul Bedard, Jimmy Riffle Jimmy Riffle Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle with Godzilla Paul Bedard,
is a Christian
(now) Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle (performing the first gator wrestling show in Mississippi ever) Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle at
Gator Boys photo shoot Gator Boys signiture
when catching gators Ashley Laurence
(Gator Boy/Girl)
one of origional Gator Boys Jimmy Riffle catching gator Paul Bedard's signature Jimmy Riffle and Paul Bedard Chris (Gator Boy) Gator Eggs Gator Boys snake show Gator Trick Jimmy Riffle
(gator resoling) Andy Riffle Paul catching gator in pool (not always caught in wild) Jimmy and Paul catching giant gator in lake
(keeps jaws together by taping it hut w/ electrical tape) triple amputee wrestling 9 foot gator volunteer, Scott, doing a head trick Andy Riffle (Jimmy's brother) hunting for hatch lings at night Jimmy, Scott, and Tre catch gator in Mississippi mud Paul Bedard doing gator wrestling
show in Florida Paul at Gator Boys photoshoot
(don't always handle just gators) what happens when
head trick goes wrong
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