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Pope Francis' biography

Hello! I'm Zozo, today I'm going to show you what you should know about our new Pope, Francis.Info source: http://www.catholicreview.org/article/home/timeline-of-the-life-of-pope-francis

Zozo C-W

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Pope Francis' biography

I'm Zozo, today I'm going to show you what you should
know about our
new Pope, Francis. Argentina Buenos Aires Jorge Mario Bergoglio is born to Italian immigrant parents. Dec. 17, 1936 Enters novitiate of the Society of Jesus. March 11, 1958 21 22 Takes first vows as Jesuit. March 12, 1960 24 Padre Hurtado Chile Studies humanities. 1960 24 Studies philosophy at San Miguel Seminary. 1961-1963 25-27 Santa Fe Teaches high school literature and psychology at Jesuit secondary school. 1964 -1965 28-29 Teaches at prestigious Colegio del Salvador secondary school. 1966 30 Studies theology at San Miguel seminary. 1967-1970 31-34 1957 Diagnosed with pneumonia and has his right lung partially removed. 21 Ordained as priest. Dec. 13, 1969 33 Spends "tertianship", or Third Probation period of Jesuit formation. 1970-1971 Spain 34-35 Serves as master of novices and vice chancellor, San Miguel seminary. 1971-1973 35-37 Takes perpetual profession as Jesuit. 1973 35-37 Serves as superior of Jesuit province of Argentina and Uruguay. 1973-1979 37-43 Serves as rector of Colegio Máximo and theology teacher. 1979-1985 43-49 Germany Finishes doctoral thesis. 1986 50 Ordained auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires. June 27, 1992 56 Named coadjutor archbishop. June 3, 1997 61 Installed as archbishop of Buenos Aires Feb. 28, 1998 62 Italy Vatican City Co-presides over Synod of Bishops. 65 2001 Elevated to cardinal. 65 Feb. 21, 2001 Receives second-highest number of votes in conclave that elected Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as pope 2005 69 Elected pope by conclave of 115 cardinals. March 13, 2013 77 Pope Francis Serves as president, Argentine Bishops Conference. 2005 -2011 69-75
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