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Diana Jeung

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Chile

Basic Information
Music and Dance
Most of the towns are based on the classical Spanish patten.
ㅕTowns were usually a Central Square (plaza de armas) meaning they have four cardinal points that are connected.
Today only few colonial architectures exist because of frequent earthquakes.
Around the large cities, shanty towns are packed. Poor Chileans usually live there. They are self-constructed, made out of one or two room cardboard and tin huts, and is replaced by low-income housing.
Poetry had become the main literature.
Chile's first major literature work was the epic poem
La Araucana
written by Alonso de Ericilla in the 16th century.
In the 20th century, two Chilean poets were awarded the Novel prize.

Culture Name: Chilean
Alternative Name: Cultura Chilena
Capital: Santiago
Language: Spanish
Population: Approximately 16,136,000

Soccer is the most popular sport
Soccer Field
All ages play soccer
Game =90 minutes
45 minute half
45 minute half
2 teams
11 players
11 players
No hands!
Except the goalkeeper.
Examples of colonial architectures and towns in cities.

A shanty town
Followed by traditions, people live in small houses within the farming place
They are not so close to the land owner's house.
Nowadays casa patronales are in Central Valley, but most of the farmers moved to the places where its more urbanized.
casa patronal
Examples of casa patronal
In 1945 Lucia Godoy
Alcayaga was the first Latin American to receive it.
In 1971 Pablo Neruda received the Novel prize.

is a muscical instrument which is a large bass guitar

Clothing in Chile
People usually play indivisually against a single opponent
When you serve, the ball has to land on the opposite side.
2 attempts to serve.
No double hitting allowed.
The ball can at least hit twice on the court.
tennis ball
People use rackets to strike the balls.
Ivan Zamorano
Marcelo Salas
El Matador
"the bullfighter"
International career
37 Goals
International career
34 Goals
3rd place World Cup 1962
Summer Olympics Bronze Medal

Nicolas Nassu earned a gold medal.

Fernando Gonzalez got a bronze medal

These two people won a gold medal together on Men's Doubles
Men's Single
Winners/ Famous Chilean Soccer Players
Chileans often wear flashy and colorful clothes.
Chileans wear hats to protect themselves from sunlight since it is very hot there.
Most Chileans today wear mestizos.
Countries Of the World Chile (book)
Chile Enchantment of the World (book)
Referee is in charge!
Chile shares many other countries' culture. ex: Spanish
Frequent earthquakes in the country affected negative things. ex: buildings collapse
Developing country
In 2004...
Violeta Parra
She was one of the country's greatest folk musician. She had variety of occupations such as composer, songwriter, folk musician, visual artist.
She was borned in October 4, 1917 and died in February 5, 1967. Part of the reason why she became a great musician was because her parents sung Chilean folk songs during her relaxing time especially his dad. He was a music techer. Since she was influenced by her dad, she started music when she was 9 years old.

is a South American stringed instrument
is a type of drum which came from Puerto Rico and used a lot in Chile music
Chile's traditional dance is called

A story of the cueca
A man persuing a woman who plays coy behind her handkerchief.
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