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No description

Aaron Smith

on 13 November 2012

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Building Barn Building LIFE sENTENCE FOR THE RA.... Take Time to Water Your Character Sharpen Your Ax.... IMAGES The Iceberg YOUR CHARACTER Your Skill = 10% Self Discipline
Core Values
Sense of Identity
Emotional Security EMOTIONAL FUEL Thermostat Vs. Thermo Opportunity Statue The Gardener's Job meter Dorothy's Way Velvet Covered Brick Waldorf The Principle PRINCIPLES - a fundamental doctrine or tenet Ex. Buoyancy Ex. The Harvest Time is more valuable than Money. You can always get more money. You can never get more time. People are either thermostats or thermometers. They will merely reflect the climate around them, or they will set it.

Good leaders develop values and principles to live by and set the tone for others Your network determines your net worth.

A leader's personal network is their emotional fuel. Without it, they will run out of gas/ effectiveness. ME Models Mentors Inner
Circle Mentees Partners Heroes Their key job is not doing programs...but developing people A gardeners primary job is to nurture and develop plants.... Good leaders center their agendas on growing people.... You cant control the growth of your residents.... But you can construct an environment that fosters growth! HOW? So, the real
question is..... Batarangs
Communications device
Bat first aid kit
Cryo Capsules
Bat Goo gun
Grapple gun
Night vision bat-goggles
Kryptonite Bat ring
Batcetylene torch Line gun
Bat pick
Bat Marbles
Micro bat-camera
Bat smoke grenades
Miniaturized bat-toolkit
Bat Breather
A Master Bat-Key
Bat pellets
Bat tazer
Bat (Flash-Bang) grenades
Thermite Bat grenades
Bat bags
Collapsible bat-sword
Bat Listening devices
The Batrope BATMAN'S BELT "We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."
— Aristotle Last week/ month/ semester/ year, I never had
enough time to _______________________________________________. Tender
Being real
Considers diverse perspectives
Demonstrates sensitivity & care
A stickler for relationships
Is vulnerable
Extremely Personal
Secure enough to serve the critic
Possesses compassion for people
Rarely enforces the rank of position Tough
Doing right
Confronts destructive problems
Demonstrates strength and courage
A Stickler for results
Is virile
Extremely professional
Secure enough to take criticism
Possesses convictions about principles
Always embraces responsibility THE BRICK THE VELVET 7. Force 6. Manipulation 5. Intimidation 4. Exchange 3. Persuasion 2. Motivation 1. Honor The Wicked Witch The Wizard Dorothy WHAT WILL YOUR SENTENCE BE? What will you residents, your staff, your supervisor remember you for? Are you interested in leadership JUST for leadership's sake?
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