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Empirical research from a cultural criminology perspective on terrorism, youth cultures and the representation of crime

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Marion Van Hecke

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Empirical research from a cultural criminology perspective on terrorism, youth cultures and the representation of crime

Empirical research from a cultural criminology perspective on
youth cultures and the representation of crime in the media By Marion Van Hecke
University of Ghent Beyond the binge in 'booze Britain' Market-led liminalization and the spectacle
of binge drinking Inside the hall of mirrors Media, representation and meaning Dual narrative Reality TV: Booze Britain Night of intoxication
Public service agencies
> Ideological and moral high ground
> Blame the victim "evidence based" The Government Strategy of liberalization of closing times
Positive effect on crime prevention
> only one research (drinks-industry funded) Connection between alcohol and violence
= binge drinker Not class related The binge drinker Default setting for all young people
Hedonistic cultures and marketing strategies
> normalization
> encouragement
State intervention = interference with consumption
Excitement that breaks with banalities of everyday life 1 billion pounds invested in night time economy (NTE) every year
present: worth over 23 billion pounds
= 3% of GDP
7 billion pounds in taxations
> Constraint is neither practical nor desirable

Government has embraced NTE but rejects the consequences
= creation of folk devil in favour of market forces Alcohol legislation Hypocrisy
Beyond the boundaries of classes
= deep rooted problem Comments The "chav" phenomenon Consumption, media and the construction of a new underclass Pop culture Mediapolis News coverage Crime and war Entertainment Reality TV Values & norms "the street scripts the screen and the screen scripts the street" real virtual Content analysis Existing scholarship Media effects research New approaches are badly needed Media production observation Loops and Spirals Speed Culture Moral panics as marketing tools Comments Attempting to resist this momentum is like erecting a little beach umbrella to ward off a mediated tsunami. The chav represents a popular reconfiguration of the underclass idea. "the chav" Economy > Consumption Not the inability to consume, but aesthetically impoverished. Consumer Society "flawed consumer" Press and their advertisers Hypocrisy Badges of identity as signifiers of deviance Avoiding brands I buy, therefore I am (broke) Comments What (not) to wear
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